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belly dancer photo of Elayssa Elayssa
Los Angeles, CA

As a small child, Elayssa accompanied her mother, Jenza, on her frequent Belly Dancing jobs. At age 16 she was inspired to pursue Belly Dance for her own creative expression. Since turning professional, she has had the joy of training with Jenaeni and Ansuya, Dahlena, John Compton, Jill Parker (of Ultra Gypsy), and Nazemi and his Persian Ballet company, Pars National Ballet. In addition to Middle Eastern Dance, Elayssa has also studied and performed Jazz, Modern, and Ballet.

Elayssa has performed in many venues, both locally and internationally. In the western United States, she lived in San Francisco where she performed regularly in Pashas, Marrakesh, Amiras, and Cafe Istanbul. In 1998 she was chosen to tour India for a special contract with Ansuya’s troupe Yaleil. In addition to continuing the study of traditional forms of Middle Eastern Dance, she has also been expanding her boundaries with experimental themes, as a soloist and with the dance company Desert Sin, which she co-directs with creative partner Djhari.

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