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The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED) was established to provide belly dancers, belly dance enthusiasts, and the general public with high quality belly dance concerts and videos, and to recognize the international stars of belly dance, their achievements, and their contributions to this beautiful art form.

IAMED was founded in 1996 by Suzy Evans, whose belly dance career started in the 1970’s, when belly dance was first noticed by the mainstream culture in the United States. Suzy was joined by several other veterans of the dance, as well as some newer talent, to form the IAMED Board of Directors. Ms Evans lauched Bellydance.org in 1998, providing an easier way to obtain information about belly dancing and providing easier access to purchase videos.

Suzy’s passion and vision for the Art of Belly Dance has driven IAMED to raise the professional standards of excellence for belly dancing. Recognizing that belly dance is truly an international art form, IAMED members believed that outstanding performers, teachers, and promoters of belly dance should be identified and honored by their peers, and rewarded for their ongoing efforts and contributions to the belly dance community. This notion gave birth to IAMED’s prestigious Awards of Belly Dance shows and ceremonies.

The First Awards of Belly Dance took place at the Los Angeles Theater Center in September of 1997. The excitement about IAMED grew, and the membership base exploded as word of this new organization spread through the international belly dance community. Subsequent Awards ceremonies and shows, as well as other IAMED concerts, have become increasingly popular, featuring international stars of belly dance in theaters with state-of-the-art sound and lighting. Videos of these incredible concerts are produced by Suzy Evans, and released under the IAMED production company label, making these extraordinary events available to the public and belly dance fans around the world.

In addition to producing professional concerts, IAMED also strives to bring new dance talent into the belly dance community. This organization is a strong promoter of the concept of proper training, which helps to ensure quality in new generations of belly dancers. IAMED plays an important role in this endeavor by sponsoring belly dance classes and workshops with famous instructors from around the world, and by producing instructional videos taught by the masters in the dance.

In 2001, Suzy began producing the instructional video series for IAMED, with the same professional standards as the concerts. These DVDs contain easy-to-follow, detailed instruction from the best belly dance teachers in the world. Each subject is taught by an instructor who was chosen for their expertise on the topic, as well as their teaching abilities.

The IAMED instructional video series has allowed dancers everywhere, even in remote areas, to receive quality instruction from popular dancers that may not otherwise be available to them.

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