ANSUYA – Advanced How to Play Finger Cymbals


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Advanced How to Play Finger Cymbals with Ansuya DVD

Whether your style is American, Turkish or Tribal, you will want to do more with your finger cymbals than play right-left-right. In this video, Ansuya will help you take your zilling to a new levels!

Demonstration & Dancing:
Ansuya breaks down each zill pattern with easy-to-follow demonstrations and explanations. You will learn specific technique, and then pick up the speed as you follow along with the music. And, of course you can't just stand there, so each zill pattern is accompanied by movements that fit the pattern, so you can perfect your playing while you dance.

Zill Drill:
Join Ansuya in a practice session"zill drill" to master each pattern and perfect your transitioning from one zill pattern and its movements to another. You'll learn 6/8, 9/8, Masmoudi Kabir (8/4), Ayoub, and Beledi (4/4) patterns, and using Singles for accents.

Spicing it up:
Ansuya shows you how to introduce variations in to your zill patterns, including varying the sounds your zills make. Then she'll lead you through blending rhythms and improvising to have fun and add your own interpretation to the music.

Ansuya performs using her finger cymbals to add musical energy and excitement to her dance!

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Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
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