Kathleen Suzy Evans for California State Assembly – 40th District

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I went to public school here in Los Angeles County.  We received a quality education.  Our schools were once the envy of the rest of the country because we had the best public school system.  California schools were always ranked in the top five.  Sadly, that is no longer the case.  We currently spend more than 40 billion dollars a year on our K – 12 schools, which is more than 40% of our state budget. We have the highest paid schoolteachers in the country.  And here is what we get for it: our schools are ranked 48th in the nation. And it gets even worse – we are dead last in literacy.

I believe in our children.  I believe that if we raise the standards for our children, they will not only meet those standards, but exceed them. Our children are forced to be in a school system that can’t even teach our children to read while asking for more money.

If our public school systems are so great, why do the Villaraigoasas, Schwarzeneggers and the Obamas send their children to private schools? Don’t your kids deserve the best education as well?  I certainly think so!

As your representative I will fight for school vouchers, so you have the option of sending your children to the school of your choice. And for those of you that home-school, I believe you should receive a tax credit for taking the time to education your kids.  

As your representative, I will put education back into the “educational system.”  It’s not about social engineering, it’s not about political correctness, and it’s not about “feel good” moments.  Our children need to learn English and Math.  They need to learn science, social studies and history… including American History.  Many high schools students today can’t even name the three branches of government.  If we expect our children to be tomorrow’s leaders, they must be able to compete in today’s complicated global economy, they must be educated, and they must be taught how to get ahead of the game.  We can’t continue to allow them to be the neglected underdogs of intellect, innovation, and progress.

We can fix this problem! Let’s give our children the tools they need to be the leaders of tomorrow!

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