Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 30 Nov 2009

30 November 2009

SALE: $37.99

The Magic of Belly Dance by Ansuya

Transform yourself with the make up, costuming, and movements of Bellydance!

If you are a woman of any dance level, age, body type, or background, then you are ready for this DVD! All women of all levels are welcome. Thousands of women like you are enjoying the benefits of this ancient art that has become a modern trend.

In this DVD, Ansuya will teach you how to set an exotic mood in your home, enjoy a mystical bath, apply mesmerizing makeup, create a dazzling costume and perform a sensual dance routine. Let Ansuya show you how to put the magic back into your home, body, and spirit with The Magic of Bellydance.

Bonus features include performances by Ansuya and friends!

SALE: $37.99 Ultimate Combos 4

* Aradia
* Celeste
* Dondi
* Jamileh
* Paulina

No matter what your style or your level of dancing, whether you choreograph or improvise, you can use these combinations to expand your dance vocabulary in fun and exciting ways. Lots of variety and lots of technique are included.

More than 100 minutes of combinations! Plus a performance by Celeste!

SALE: $37.99 Belly-Dance-O-Rama 2

See some of the most spectacular belly dance performances in the world on a great stage with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and video production!

Starring: Sadie * Nadira * Darshan * Gina * Roxxanne * Fleurs d’Egypte Dance Company * Virginia * Leyla Jouvana & Roland * Madrina * Habib * Jamileh * Black Opal Dance Company * Isidora Bushkovski * Viviane * Sa’Diyya * Tamra-henna & Aubre * LaUra

SALE: $37.99 Sultry Slow Moves with Sadie

The Taksim ~ the emotional and poetic improvised solo in Middle Eastern Music ~ is often accompanied by the Cifti Telli rhythm with its hypnotic cadence of quick and slow beats. Sadie shows you how to turn movements into dancing. You will learn Poses and Extensions that add drama and emotion to your dancing. She will also teach you the technique and timing for: * back bends * how to descend to the floor gracefully – * the 3 and 5-step Arabesque * veil combinations * and spins and turns that are perfect for your slow dancing. For life in the fast lane, Sadie also shows you how to perform several of the moves and combinations to the faster Turkish Cifte Telli! She then puts it all together into a mini choreography you can perform or just practice to.

SALE: $37.99 Drum Solo with Jillina

Whether you are a professional belly dancer or an enthusiastic beginner, this video will help you add fire to your drum solos. It is divided into easily identifiable sections, so you can use the DVD menu to concentrate on what you want to – be it technique or choreography. Featuring a live nightclub performance including the Drum Solo.

Jillina teaches the complete choreography by linking together combinations with repeated demonstrations and detailed breakdowns. She shows you how to add attitude to make it come alive.

SALE: $23.99 First Awards of Belly Dance

Re-mastered and re-edited, this video features 2 hours of dynamic belly dance performances, including IAMED Award Winners Cassandra, Amaya and Alexandra King, with additional performances by Marguerite and Dondi. Shot live at The Los Angeles Theater Center. Truly a classic!

Featuring Performances by: * Alexandra King * Amaya * Cassandra * Jamilla Al Wahid * Marzue * Orchids of the East * Sapphira * SeSe * …and live music by Desert Wind

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $34.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Belly Dance Stars

Los Angeles, CA

As a small child, Elayssa accompanied her mother, Jenza, on her frequent Belly Dancing jobs. At age 16 she was inspired to pursue Belly Dance for her own creative expression. Since turning professional, she has had the joy of training with Jenaeni and Ansuya, Dahlena, John Compton, Jill Parker (of Ultra Gypsy), and Nazemi and his Persian Ballet company, Pars National Ballet. In addition to Middle Eastern Dance, Elayssa has also studied and performed Jazz, Modern, and Ballet.

Elayssa has performed in many venues, both locally and internationally. In the western United States, she lived in San Francisco where she performed regularly in Pashas, Marrakesh, Amiras, and Cafe Istanbul. In 1998 she was chosen to tour India for a special contract with Ansuya’s troupe Yaleil. In addition to continuing the study of traditional forms of Middle Eastern Dance, she has also been expanding her boundaries with experimental themes, as a soloist and with the dance company Desert Sin, which she co-directs with creative partner Djhari.

Elayssa is featured in many of IAMED’s outstanding performance DVDs sold on this website, including:


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