Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 17 JUNE 2009

17 June 2009

From now through Sunday, get even bigger savings on these popular IAMED instructional videos bundled with music CDs. It’s the perfect way to get moving! JILLINA – Drum Solo Duo

Whether you are a professional belly dancer or an enthusiastic beginner, this video will help you add fire to your drum solos. It is divided into easily identifiable sections, so you can use the rewind button to concentrate on what you want to – be it technique or choreography. Featuring a live nightclub performance including the Drum Solo.

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Jillina JILLINA Combo Special

In addition to Jillina’s Drum Solo DVD, you will also get:
“Egyptian Pop Choreography with Jillina” – Upbeat and exciting, Egyptian popular music appeals to all audiences. You just have to dance to it! Jillina teaches you how by adding traditional Egyptian steps to modern belly dance for a playful, high-energy performance.

This set also includes George Fadel’s popular “Ya Salam Ya Jillina” music CD with ten great tracks of music for belly dancing!

SALE: $95.99

Jillina SADIE – Drum Solo Combo

Now you can purchase the outstanding instructional video “Drum Solo Technique and Choreography with Sadie” and the companion CD “Fatouma” for one low price!

The drum solo is one of the most exciting portions of the belly dance performance – it’s when the dancer can really show off her stuff! The drum solo showcases the belly dancer’s technique and how creatively she can interpret the music. On this DVD, Sadie teaches a challenging drum solo that is sure to impress!

SALE: $56.99

Shimmy Shimmy with Music!

There’s a reason LEYLA JOUVANA is known around the world as The Shimmy Queen of belly dance. No one can Shimmy like Leyla! Now you can learn the The Shimmy Queen’s favorite shimmies ~ plus lots of variations ~ from Leyla herself. Leyla completely breaks down the technique used for each shimmy, including the muscles involved and weight changes. She explains the differences between the shimmies, what makes each shimmy special, and how to match each shimmy to the music.

Get both of Leyla Jouvana’s outstanding instructional videos, AND her fabulous music CD, “Rhythms and Drums,” for one low price!

SALE: $93.99

Magnificent Moves and Music

Learn essential belly dance technique and combinations, and practice to essential belly dance music!

“Magnificent Moves with Zahra Zuhair – Egyptian Technique, Combinations, and Styling”
What makes Raqs Sharki – Egyptian Style Belly Dance – so special? Find out in this fun and informative video starring one of the most popular Egyptian Style instructors and performers in the United States, Zahra Zuhair! Then put your new moves into action with some favorite belly dance songs of all time from “10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know!”

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10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know

For the first time ever, the most famous bellydance hits all on one album!

These best-selling instrumentals have captivated bellydancers and audiences for decades! This compilation is a must-have for the bellydancer or the bellydance enthusiast.

Track listing:

1. Habibi Ya Eyni – Mohamed Ali Ensemble (4:38)
2. Mishaal – Sami Nossair Orchestra (5:00)
3. Alf Leyla – Cairo Orchestra (6:11)
4. Shik Shak Shok – Hassan Abou El Seoud (5:33)
5. Aziza – Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra (4:37)
6. Enta Omri – Mohamed Ali Ensemble – 4:54
7. Zeina – Cairo Orchestra (4:37)
8. Leylet Hob – Andelus Ensemble (5:55)
9. Zay El Hawa – Mohamed Ali Ensemble (4:24)
10. Tamr Henna – Cairo Orchestra (5:57)
11. Balady Ala Accordion – Hassan Abou El Seoud (4:21)
12. Solo Gamalat (3:57) Gamal Goma (3:58)

bellydance music CD

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Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $34.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Belly Dance Starsbelly dancer photo of Elayssa Elayssa
Los Angeles, CA

As a small child, Elayssa accompanied her mother, Jenza, on her frequent Belly Dancing jobs. At age 16 she was inspired to pursue Belly Dance for her own creative expression. Since turning professional, she has had the joy of training with Jenaeni and Ansuya, Dahlena, John Compton, Jill Parker (of Ultra Gypsy), and Nazemi and his Persian Ballet company, Pars National Ballet. In addition to Middle Eastern Dance, Elayssa has also studied and performed Jazz, Modern, and Ballet.

Elayssa has performed in many venues, both locally and internationally. In the western United States, she lived in San Francisco where she performed regularly in Pashas, Marrakesh, Amiras, and Cafe Istanbul. In 1998 she was chosen to tour India for a special contract with Ansuya’s troupe Yaleil. In addition to continuing the study of traditional forms of Middle Eastern Dance, she has also been expanding her boundaries with experimental themes, as a soloist and with the dance company Desert Sin, which she co-directs with creative partner Djhari.

Elayssa is featured in many of IAMED’s outstanding performance DVDs sold on this website, including:


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