Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 22 DEC 2009

22 December 2009

SADIE Solo Instructional Set

Drum Solo
Thrillin’ Drilin’
Sultry Slow Moves

Leyla Jouvana DVD Set

21 Shimmies & 1001 Variations
More Shimmies & Thousands of Variations
Layers with Leyla

Ultimate Combos New Release Set

Ultimate Combos Vol 3
Ultimate Combos Vol 4
Ultimate Combos Vol 5

Belly-Dance-O-Rama Series

Belly-Dance-O-Rama 1
Belly-Dance-O-Rama 2
Belly-Dance-O-Rama 3

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Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Belly Dance Stars

Albuquerque, NM

Amaya has traveled extensively throughout nineteen different countries teaching and performing. She produces the annual “International Shake & Bake Dance Festival” and “Oriental Potpourri” in New Mexico. Her dance is an unusual showcase of Spanish/Arabic styling with soul-stirring taksims. This fusion expresses the heart of Andalucia with the spirit of Arabia.

Amaya stars in many DVDs sold on this website, including:




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