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Egyptian style is very popular with today’s modern Belly Dancers. IAMED has been working with some of America’s top Egyptian style peformers and instructors to produce outstanding DVDs for the most discerning artist. Stock up on these great instructional titles for your Egyptian fans, and put them in packaged sets for additional savings!

Ava Fleming
Performer, choreographer and instructor of Middle Eastern Dance, with over 10 years of dance and performance experience. Ava was winner of the Belly Dancer of the Universe competition in 2004, and is also the founder and director of her dazzling new troupe Black Opal Dance Company. Ava Fleming brings a truly unique and modern approach to Raqs Sharki. She is an elegant example of today’s classic modern belly dancer. With her extensive knowledge and experience in international dance styles, she has had the opportunity to perform with: Boom Boom Bollywood, Punjabi by Nature, Domba, as a guest artist, and in several Ballroom performances.

Dynamic Combinations – Traveling in Style

It was once said of a great belly dancer that she could dance in the space of a single tile. But with today’s big stages and exciting music, sometimes you just have to get off the tile and move!

In this video, Ava Fleming teaches you how to Travel in Style! Starting with grand entrances to immediately grab your audience, she shows you how to move from Point A to Point B using exciting and fun traveling combinations. Ava breaks down and demonstrates each movement, completely explaining the technique and transitions, including weight changes and correct posture with an emphasis on safe movement. She also includes variations and tips on styling.

The video concludes with a spectacular performance by Ava!

Zahra Zuhair
Zuhair is a master teacher, performer, and choreographer who is world renowned for her knowledge, authenticity, and dedication to the art of Middle Eastern dance. Raised in oriental dance from a young age, Zahra is known for her musicality, flawless technique, and elegant style. She has trained and influenced many of today’s international, bellydance stars, and has performed and taught workshops on 5 continents, including the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo Egypt.

Magnificent Moves
Egyptian Technique, Combinations, and Styling

What makes Raqs Sharki – Egyptian Style Belly Dance – so special? Find out in this fun and informative video starring one of the most popular Egyptian Style instructors and performers in the United States, Zahra Zuhair!

Since the late 1970’s, she has traveled extensively to Egypt and studied the regional dances of the Middle East and North Africa. Now Zahra shares some of her unique skills and knowledge with you by teaching Egyptian Style technique and combinations that you can incorporate into any belly dance performance.

In addition to all the invaluable instruction, you can also enjoy Zahra’s wonderful belly dancing with an exclusive performance that includes some of the combinations taught in this video!

Jillina is the artistic director for the Bellydance Superstars and the choreographer of the Desert Roses. As founder and director of the Award winning Sahlala Dancers, Jillina pulls from a strong background in Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop to create a colorful Middle Eastern and world fusion repertoire. Her talents have taken her around the world to Japan, Aregentina, U.K., Europe, Taiwan, Brazil, Monaco, Canada, Germany, Paris, Ireland, and Egypt, gaining her recognition by the dance community worldwide. Jillina has won numerous awards from IAMED and the Giza Academy, including “Best Modern Egyptian Dancer”, “Best Instructional Video”, “Best Dance Company” and “Dancer of the Year.”

Egyptian Pop Choreography

Upbeat and exciting, Egyptian popular music appeals to all audiences. You just have to dance to it! Jillina teaches you how by adding traditional Egyptian steps to modern belly dance for a playful, high-energy performance.

In this DVD, Jillina demonstrates some exercises to add to your warm-up to stretch and strengthen the muscles you’ll use in this program. In the Technique section she teaches the movements used in the choreography then shows you how to put them together into fun new combinations. She fully breaks down everything so you can also use it in your own belly dancing choreographies or improvisations. Next she gives you the complete choreography by linking the combinations together, with plenty of repetition. Then Jillina and members of the Sahlala Dancers show how you can adapt the choreography for your own dance company. At the end of the video, enjoy two live belly dance performances featuring the choreography taught on this DVD!

With the intention of learning the art of raqs sharqi (belly dance) from its source, Tamra-henna moved to Egypt to study musical interpretation, technique, and the Arabic language and culture. She trained extensively with Nadia Hamdi, Raqia Hassan, Mona El Said, and Ibrahim Akef while pursuing a performing career in Cairo. She accepted contracts throughout the Arab world and has performed, traveled, and lived in Lebanon, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, and Cyprus.

Arabic Rhythms
Over two hours of outstanding instruction!

Tamra-henna, with Amir Sofi on tabla, teach you everything you need to understand Egyptian rhythms so your Raks Sharqi performances will beautifully interpret the subtle complexities of this wonderful music!

They explain and demonstrate the elements, structure and timing of popular Egyptian rhythms. And so you don’t miss a beat, diagrams that illustrate each rhythm appear on the screen while Amir plays! Because it’s not enough to recognize the rhythms, Tamra-henna discusses the kinds of music in which each rhythm is found, and how you can use them in your performance. She then teaches several combinations that reflect the structure of each rhythm and will help you develop a deeper understanding of Egyptian rhythms. Plus, they’re fun new moves to use in your dancing!

Finally, you are treated to a beautiful costumed performance by Tamra-henna!

Check out QuickTime video previews of these outstanding Egyptian Style programs:

Ava Fleming

Zahra Zuhair



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