Belly Dance Reseller Update 17 August 2009

Sadie and Kaya wow audiences around the world with their own unique style of belly dance performance and instruction. In this DVD they share more of their exciting technique and exercises used to achieve those famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies!

This program continues to build on core movements and isolations while adding pops, locks and shimmies to create new dynamic layers. These exercises will help you build stamina and coordination while adding incredible new vocabulary to your dance.

You will then put your hot new layers into practice with fun and challenging combinations that can instantly be incorprated into your own performances. Sadie and Kaya keep the joy of belly dance alive while they lead you through new concepts in creating multi-dimensional dance entertainment.

This DVD also includes an awesome duet performance by Sadie and Kaya using their famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies!

Wholesale: $24
Retail: $45 – $49

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Based on their world-famous workshop series!

Sadie & Kaya Set

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Sadie Instructional Set

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