The Sixth Awards of Belly Dance Photos – Belly Dance DVD, Belly Dancers

Awards of Belly Dance DVD


Held at El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, California
November 2003

Featuring performances by:
Autumn Ward * Aziza * Bahaia * Hayat El Helwa * Jacqueline Eusanio * Jasmin Jahal * Meera * Sahra * SeSe Dance Theater * Shareen El Safy * Ya Amar! Dance Company * Zahra Zuhair

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Autumn Ward Autumn Ward Autumn Ward Aziza Aziza Aziza and Amir Bahaia Hayat El Helwa Hayat el Helwa Jacqueline Jacqueline Jasmine Jahal Jasmine Jahal Meera Meera Meera Sahra Sahra Sese Dance Theater Sese Dance Theater Ya Amar Ya Amar Zahra Zuhair Zahra Zuhair Shareen el Safy Fahtiem Feiruz Jennifer James Long award winners Paulina and BDTV

This excellent show video includes two performances by Zahra Zuhair, both an Orientale performance and a Tunisian dance, East Indian dance by Meera, American cabaret belly dance performance by Jacqueline Eusanio, Nubian dance company number by Ya Amar!, Melaya Luf by Sahra, a beautiful performance by Hayat El Helwa of Brazil, modern Egyptian style dances by Autumn Ward of New York, Jasmin Jahal of Chicago and Shareen El Safy, editor of Habibi Magazine, exceptional choreography by SeSe’s Dance Theater, and classic silver screen Egyptian by Bahaia of Texas. The show ends with a dynamic performance by Aziza which includes a drum solo with tabla player Amir Sofi.