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Belly Dance Links

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Our Link Info: " - Belly Dance DVDs, History, Photos, Events and More!"

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> - Belly Dance DVDs, History, Photos, Events and More!

(banners feature lovely photos of Andreanna from Illinois and Katia of New Mexico)

Belly Dance Links on the Web:

Performers & Instructors
Agnes Fazekas / NutCsillagai - Hungary
Ahlam Dance Theater - Wiesbaden, Germany
Al-Bahira Dance Theater/Aalim School of Dance - Minneapolis, MN
Aleya - Los Angeles, CA
Aliyah Sahar - Minneapolis, MN
Amal al-Zahra'/Keri Kaeding - Northern Kentucky
Amara - Los Angeles, CA
Amarise - Rockford, IL and Southern WI
Amaya - Albuquerque, NM
Amira - Las Vegas, NV
Andreana - Peoria, IL
Angel - Hayward, CA
Ansuya - Naples, FL
Australian Belly Dance
Bahaia - Austin, TX
Belynda Azhaar - Seoul, South Korea
Cassandra & Jawaahir Dance Co. - Minneapolis, MN
Celine - Albuquerque, NM
Cristiane - Santa Barbara, CA
Dalyla Rami - Vienna, Austria
Darshan - New York, NY
Dharma - Kansas City, MO
Diosa - Surprise, AZ
Dondi - San Diego, CA
Donna - Philadelphia, PA
Dunya - Lucerne, Switzerland
Elayssa - Los Angeles, CA
Elisheva - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Erina - London and Portsmouth, UK
Eshe - Seoul, South Korea
Farideh Dance Arts - Victoria, BC
Fuego de Gitana, Family Dance Company - Hawaii
Gia al Qamar - Northern New Jersey / New York City
Gina - Atlanta, GA
Goddess of the Dunes - Johannesburg, South Africa
Hozuhni - Enlightenment Dance
Ishtar - Wallasey, United Kingdom
Jalilah - Ventura, CA
Jamila Johari - Dallas, TX
Jillina - Los Angeles, CA
Julianna - Rochester, MN
Kali Sundari - Los Angeles/Ventura/Santa Barbara
Katia - Albuquerque, NM
Khalida - Eschweiler (near Aachen), Germany
Khatoon - Lausanne, Switzerland
Lilla Varese - Orange County, CA
LaUra - New York, NY
Laurel Victoria Gray - Washington DC
Lisi Hannan - Sydney, Australia
Lorelie Carvey - Danbury, CT
Maria - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Mariel Sitka - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariposa Belly Dance - Tampa Bay, FL
Maya Zahira - Lawrence, KS
Meissoun - Switzerland
Meleah - San Diego, CA
Mellilah - Seattle, WA
Melody Gabrielle - Kansas City, KS
Mia - Houston, TX
Mirah Ammal - Minneapolis, MN
Miriam Gamal - Macon/Warner Robins, GA
Mystik Dream Dance Company - Spokane, WA
Na'ama Rose - Park Forest, IL
Nadia - Minneapolis, MN
Nepenthe - Somerville, MA
Palmetto Oasis Middle Eastern Dance Troupe - Charleston, SC
Paulina - Ventura, CA
Perizad - Orange County, CA
Rahana - Los Angeles, CA
Riskallah Riyad - Danbury, CT
Rose - San Diego, CA
Sadie - Denver, CO
Samara - San Antonio, TX
Sandhya - Northern California
Shahira - Ontario / Upland, CA
Shahravar - Salt Lake City, UT
Shahrazad - Germany
Shaunte - Southern California
Shennteelaa - Pasco, WA
Tara - Boston/MetroWest area of MA
Visionary Dance - Belly Dancing with Delilah, Seattle, WA
Zahira Zuhra - Nashua, NH
Zaira - Manchester, NH
Zelia - Vancouver, BC
Zorba "The Veiled Male"
Music / Musicians
Desert Wind - Music for belly dancing
International Belly Dance Week (IBDW) - our sister site!
International Association of Belly Dance - Belly Dance in CHINA
Belly Dance Florida - Information about belly dance in Florida
Belly Dance NOW - Belly dancers in New Mexico
Nashville Belly Dance Group - Belly Dancers in Nashville, TN
New England Belly Dance Organization - Middle Eastern Dance in New England
N.C. Belly Dance - Middle-Eastern dance and music in North Carolina
Northern Ontario Middle Eastern Dance Association - NOMEDA is an informal, non-profit association made up of students and teachers.
SAMEDA - San Diego Area Middle Eastern Dance Association
Information Sites
BellyDanceStuff - Read articles and reviews, learn specifics about dance movements and styles, lots more.
DancingDance - Everything Dancing, from Academy Of Dance to You Think You Can Dance
DanceLead Directory - General dance information
Egyptian Dance! - The Heart of Belly Dance
The Gilded Serpent - Online Belly Dancing magazine
Shira - Information about Belly Dancing
USC's Southern California Dance & Directory - General dance information
Art in Motion Studios - Granite Falls, NC: Classes and one-of-a-kind costumes
Bahaia - Belly Dance Music (used in some IAMED videos!)
Cassandra's School of Middle Eastern Dance - Minneapolis, MN
Isis Rising - Belly dance in Australia: hip scarves, jewelery , clothes, Belly Dance classes, events, and workshops in Canberra
La Reina Goddes Wear - Costumes and dance wear for plus size dancers
Meleah Cosmetics - Makeup supplies and instruction for belly dancers
Shaabi Chic Belly Dance Boutique - Costumes and supplies
Simply Stylish - Belly dance wear from practice to performance
Other Sites of Interest
Angelique & Friends Entertainment - Find Bellydancers in Arizona and other states
Belly Dance OZ - A video celebration of Australian Belly Dance
Belly Dance Television (BD-TV) - A video news magazine for belly dancers
Bellyup Bellydance - A family friendly group and school that shares the joy of bellydance with women of all ages. Located in Canberra, Australia.
Dance Malta - The only place for Tribal Belly Dance in Malta!
Desert Dance Festival - Belly Dancing festival in San Jose, CA
The Giza Club - Awards for the Belly Dancing industry
LA Raqs! - Belly dance information for Los Angeles, CA
Pink Gypsy Belly Dance - San Gabriel Valley, Southern California
Sacred Goddess - An eclectic site with belly dancers in mind.