MARGUERITE – Belly Dance Spins and Turns

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Belly Dance Spins and Turns with Marguerite DVD

A spinning dancer is mystic and mesmerizing. On this belly dancing video, learn the ancient arts of Spinning and Whirling with Marguerite who studied with the Shamans of Mongolia.

Warm-up and Exercises
Marguerite leads you through balance and neck exercises to warm you up and prepare you for spinning and turning.


Marguerite teaches you how to spot with multiple and single-spot turns, and includes tips on how to keep from getting dizzy. She demonstrates and completely breaks down numerous spins and turns, including:

* Pivot Turns
* Barrel Turns
* Head Flip Turns
* Ceiling Spot Turns
* Traveling Spins
* Mermaid Turns
and more…

To add texture to your performance, Marguerite demonstrates many arm movements and positions to use while spinning, including Decorative Arms, the Heart Mudra, Snake Arms, Ceiling Spot Arms, and the Over Head Wipe. You’ll also learn how to use a veil while spinning and how to add Level Changes to your turns.

This program concludes with a mesmerizing performance by Marguerite featuring the techniques taught on this belly dance video.




“Marguerite is art in motion”
~ Feiruz Aram

“A teacher of Mystics”
~ Keith Drosin, Dance Photographer

“Truly Inspiring”
~ Shahrazad – Cologne, Germany


Running Time: 93 minutes

Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!


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