Kathleen Suzy Evans for California State Assembly – 40th District

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Kathleen Suzy Evans, nicknamed “Suzy” by her older brother, was born in an unincorporated part of Los Angeles that is now Gardena. She attended Henry Clay Junior High School and George Washington High School in Los Angeles.

As Suzy attended high school, Los Angeles was abuzz with the Civil Rights movement. She witnessed rallies, marches and a community energized with the commitment to change and grow. Like the community around her, Suzy knew she could do whatever she set her mind to, so she paid her way through business school by selling subscriptions to the LA Times.

Since then, Suzy has worked in accounting and finance for more than 25 years. Her experience includes acting as Controller for private companies spanning many industries from manufacturing, distribution, and service companies to healthcare.

Always wanting to give back to the community, Suzy also worked for a non-profit shelter, transitioning low income people into permanent housing, and non-profit medical clinics.

As a child, Suzy’s grandparents managed an apartment building in downtown LA. She remembers visiting them and enjoying the pretty skyline, lack of smog and admiring all the people who lived there.

At the time, LA was pretty, clean, and safe. It was possible to build a good life for yourself and live downtown. Murder was so uncommon that it would make the front page of the newspaper, followed up for days afterwards. Think about how often murder makes the front page now.

As a business owner, Suzy knows how hard it is to succeed in Los Angeles. She wants to make LA a business friendly city again and attract more business and sustain the ones already here.

Right now, businesses are overtaxed, which as a result, chases businesses out. Then to make up on the business tax losses, the current administration packs more people in to collect on property taxes. That’s why the population keeps growing and traffic worsens.

You don’t have to move away from L.A. for a better quality of life. We just need to elect leaders who will do their job!

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