Kathleen Suzy Evans for California State Assembly – 40th District

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Are you living in the California of your dreams?

I was born in California.

I grew up in California.

I attended school in California.

I run my business in California.

I love this great State, but I don’t love what’s happened to it.

When I look at California today, I see a declining educational system, an out-of control State deficit, rising unemployment, a shrinking middle class, high crime rates, declining real estate values, closed hospitals and streets filled with pot holes lined with walls covered with graffiti. I see illegal street vendors and sidewalks with abandoned shopping carts.

Is this the California of your dreams?

If we use common sense and take care of the big things, like education, our deficit and unemployment, the smaller problems will take care of themselves.  Together with your support we can make California the state of dreams once again. 

I’m Kathleen “Suzy” Evans and I am running for California State Assembly because I want all of us to enjoy a better quality of life.

California is the promise land for many reasons… our sprawling agricultural resources, our expansion within the high tech industry and our research and development in the biotech field and aerospace industry.  We are the center of the TV and film industries.  We maintain some of the largest shipping ports in the world.  We have a great statewide higher educational system. Californians enjoy  the oceans, mountains, lakes and deserts.  The rest of the United States looked to California for innovation, for direction and for leadership.   No other state has so much to offer and now so much to lose. Under the fiscal, social and economic pressures we face, some believe our state is breaking down into chaos.  I don’t.  I see my State as in a phase of “rebuilding” so, as Californians, we will be stronger than ever.  

But we have work to do.

Here’s how we can do it:

Let’s bring businesses back to California. 

Let’s stop all subsidizes for anyone who in this state illegally.

Let’s stop the state legislature from raising our taxes higher and higher.

Let’s improve our education system, so that your child can have a quality education and be competitive in the ever-competitive job market.

Let’s get the state budget under control.

Please visit the pages on this site to learn more about my platform.  I would love to have your support. 

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Evans for Assembly 2010 – all text and images copyright Kathleen Suzy Evans 2009