Gun Control in California

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Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment

Gun control laws do not diminish crime because crimes are not committed by guns – they are committed by criminals. Criminals will always have guns because they do not obey laws, including anti-gun laws. We already have gun control regulations in place.  Criminals do not obey the current laws, so why would they obey new ones?  Instituting more restrictive gun control will only affect law-abiding citizens, who are the people who need protection the most and have the right to own a firearm.  If the good people of our community are prevented from owning weapons, then we become easy prey for criminals who have guns illegally.  Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens does not prevent crime, it encourages it.  Our forefathers knew this from experience.

The right to bear arms was included in America’s Bill of Rights, not only to deter crime, but also to prevent oppressive government. Just governments honor and protect the right to bear arms. Oppressive governments fear and prohibit the right to bear arms.  This has been proven throughout world history and is an important lesson which should never be ignored.  Some people say guns are dangerous, but I believe it is far more dangerous NOT to have them.  Responsible and legal gun ownership is essential to keeping our country safe and free.

As your California State Senator I will fight to keep your Second Amendment Rights – you have the to right to protect yourself!

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Kathleen “Suzy” Evans for California State Senate
20th District – San Fernando Valley

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