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“Of course I will endorse you Suzy! You Rock!”

To publicly endorse Suzy, please fill out your information then check the box below. You can also provide a message explaining why Suzy is the best candidate to represent the west San Fernando Valley. A mail-in option is also available – see below.

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I publically endorse Kathleen “Suzy” Evans for
California State Senate, 20th District, 2010.

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“When I was running for Mayor of Los Angeles, trying to fix America’s second-biggest city, I asked people wherever I went to run for the other offices that were up for election.  Suzy Evans stepped up to the plate, and ran for City Controller.  She didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk.  She took action to improve our city.  She has the education, real-world experience and common sense we need in our elected officials.  Please join me in supporting her for office.”
Walter Moore

“I have lived in Southern California all my life and I’ve seen a big change in this state. It’s time to turn things around. Suzy Evans is a fair and hard working person who can get the job done.  It’s time to put aside political lines and vote for the person best suited for the job. That’s why as a Democrat, I support Suzy Evans for State Senate.”
Patricia Soranno

“I wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse Suzy Evans for any public office. She has the honesty, integrity and sincerity that is essential for a working democracy of the people, by the people, for the people.”
David Berger

“Suzy has the right ideas and the ability to implement them.”
Val Cymbal

California Republican Assembly Friends to Elect California Conservatives In 2010 Hollywood Congress of Republicans Walter Moore Business Trial Lawyer and Real Estate Broker, Former Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles David Berger Former Candidate for Los Angeles City Attorney Ted Hilton Tax Payer Revolution Al Han Investment Broker, Immediate Past Vice Chairman RPLAC Allen Harper President Indian Education Desert Sands USD Allen Wood Property Preservation Commission-Cerritos Aurora Sandovol Teacher – Pasadena USD Barbara Coe Californian Coalition for Immirgation Reform Betty Blair VP-Fairbanks Republican Women’s Federated Brenda Alves Bryan Barton Business Owner Charles Patrick Pastor & Central Committee Chair 52nd AD Dairenn Lombard Systems Administrator David Barron Code Enforcement Official, Candidate for L.A. City Council 2011 Elliott Graham Founder American Pistol & Revolver Association Eric Golub Writer Francisco Diaz Student Fred Besto Business Owner Greg Poulos Wall Street Broker/Chair Contra Costa County Hector Maldonado Former Active duty Army Officer, American & U.S. Senate Candidate Helena Alves Teacher – Pasadena USD James Spencer Environmental Detectives Joe Panzarello Sales/Business Owner John Kocsis Deputy Sheriff John McNicholos Attorney John Stammreich Chair CCC 54th AD & Candidate State Senate Joseph Mael Journalist & Therapist Keith McCowan Chairman 48th Assembly District Republican Party Kevin Chen President Young Republican San Gabriel Valley Lydia Gutierrez Candidate State Superintendent of Schools Mark Abernathy Mark Reed Candidate 27th Congressional District Marvin Jones Chair San Benito Cty Rep Party Michael Fell Vice Chair Westside Republicans Mike Hudson Business Owner, City Council Member Suisun City, CA Nancy Gardner CEO & Board of Directors Lincoln Club S.D. Nina Pellegrini VP-Vita Productions Patricia Soranno Registered Nurse Rick Royse Business Owner Rob Maffit Engineer & Candidate for State Senate 10th District Roger Eshelman Teacher & County Central Chair 39th AD Rosalie Navarro Ways & Means Chair -PSWF Ryan Panzarello Political Director Susan Abato Former SFV Regional Co-Chair, McCain Ted Hayes Social Activist & Consultant Val Cymbal VP – San Fernando Valley Republican Club William Rodriguez Morrison Chair 24th State Senate District Republican Party

“Suzy stands for common sense principles, and common sense
is sorely lacking in our legislature today.”
– Rob Maffit

“I met Suzy Evans on the Walter Moore campaign trail.  I found that we both share
the same passion and desire that government should
listen and serve the people. And, that government should give businesses the
chance to make a decent profit.  After all, they provide employment.
I’ve observed her dedication and integrity.”
– David Barron

“I grew up in Los Angeles. I, like Suzy love California
but hate what corrupt politicians have done to the state. Over Taxation,
excessive spending on undeserved entitlement programs and excessive
government and environmental regulation on businesses are California’s
problems. We need qualified, experienced Americans like Suzy that care
about you and California. Send Suzy to the State Senate. California needs
her and you deserve better.”
– Hector Maldonado

“The Democrats have proven, for decades, they don’t know
how to balance a budget, keep criminals in jail, illegal immigrants from
taking jobs from our youth and our legal Hispanic and African-American
communities; that instead they are beholden to unions, special interests
like the Sierra Club and ambulance chasing, business-ruining lawyers and
their organizations such as the ACLU.  Evans has my vote because she
represents employers, small businesses, which means she represents family
and helping them being financially strong, safe, and well educated through
the freedom of choice in education.  It is time for Government to start
LISTENING to the people instead of more and more demands being made by the
Government upon the people.”
– Dairenn Lombard

Kathleen “Suzy” Evans for California State Senate
20th District – San Fernando Valley

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