Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 07 April 2009

07 April 2009

From now through Sunday, you can get the “Belly-Dance-O-Rama” or “Belly Dance Rocks” DVDs real cheap! For greater saving, buy a whole set. Great for gifts.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on some of the best belly dance shows in the world!

Belly Dance DVD Belly-Dance-O-Rama 1

Starring: Ava Fleming * Aliyah Ammal* Virginia * Lilla Varese Dance Company * Kali * Aubre * Tamra Henna * BellaDonna Dance Company * Aziza Nawal * Paulina * Darshan * Midnight Mirage * Gina * Amira * and Leyla Jouvana & Roland!

Sale: $39.99

Belly Dance Video Clip Bellydance DVD Belly-Dance-O-Rama 2

Starring: Sadie * Nadira * Darshan * Gina * Roxxanne * Fleurs d’Egypte Dance Company * Virginia * Leyla Jouvana & Roland * Madrina * Habib * Jamileh * Black Opal Dance Company * Isidora Bushkovski * Viviane * Sa’Diyya * Tamra-henna & Aubre * LaUra

Sale: $39.99

Belly Dance Video Clip Belly Dance DVD Belly-Dance-O-Rama 3

Starring: Katia * Tamra-henna * Negma Dance Company * Habib * Lorinda * Celeste * Meera * Yasmine * Desert Sin * Sadie * Ava Fleming * Lotus Niraja Dance Company * Isidora Bushkovski * Zahra Zuhair * and Leyla Jouvana with Roland!

Sale: $39.99

Belly Dance Video Clip Belly-Dance-O-Rama Series


See colorful and exciting performances by your favorite dancers, and some you may not have seen yet, but should! This series provides hours of entertainment and inspiration, with lots of variety. A super-fun set!

Sale: $114.99

Belly Dance Video Clip Belly Dance Revolution

Starring: Anaheed * Sapphira * Leyla Jouvana and Roland * Ava Fleming * Aradia * Sa’diyya * Brandi * Ya Helewa! * Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers * Dahlena’s Habibi Dancers * Habib * Celeste

Sale: $24.99

Belly Dance Video Clip Belly Dance Reloaded

Starring: Mesmera * Judeen * Louchia * Jamileh * Calypso * Katayna * Abhi-Irena Perakh * Black Opal Dance Company * Urban Tribal Dance Company * The Legendary Dahlena * The Dance of the 7 Veils by Leyla Jouvana with Roland on Tabla

Sale: $24.99

Belly Dance Video Clip Belly Dance Rocks

Starring: Sadie * Fahtiem * Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers * Sa’Elayssa *Paulina * Ava Fleming * Andreanna * Lilla Varese * Aleya * Negma Dance Company * Dangerous Curves Dance Company * Habib in “Belly Metal” * and Leyla Jouvana “The Shimmy Queen”

Sale: $24.99

Belly Dance Video Clip Belly Dance Rocks Trilogy


Another great collection of belly dance artists from around the world. Get all three awesome DVDs for one low price!

Sale: $69.99


SALE: $39.99

SALE: $24.99

SALE: $39.99

Belly Dance Stars

Leyla Jouvana & Roland
Duisburg, Germany

Leyla discovered her love for the Oriental Dance after Yugoslavian Folklore and Jazz Dance. After a twelve-year study in dance, she is now teaches approximately 300 regular students, from beginners up to master class. Her reputation as a solo dancer has reached a wide audience through numerous national and international performances, press reports, TV appearances and video productions. Together with her husband, Roland (drummer) and her ensemble, she regularly travels to many cities all over Europe. According to diverse specialist journals and local press reports, she is one of the most successful and best dancers and choreographers in Europe.

Leyla and Roland are featured in several DVDs sold on this website, including:


You can also pick up their “Rhytms & Drums” music CD in our online store, or get both Shimmies DVDs AND the music CD for one low price!



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