Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 23 FEB 2010

23 February 2010

Amaya, the Belly Dance Belle of New Mexico, has traveled extensively throughout 19 different countries teaching and performing. Her dance is a unique showcase of Spanish/Arabic styling with soul-stirring taksims. This fusion expresses the heart of Andalucia with the spirit of Arabia.

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Star Power (an IAMED production)

Stage Presence & Pizzazz with Amaya

On this DVD, Amaya shares her Star Power secrets. She explains what gives a dancer an exciting presence, demonstrating the difference between blah and pizzazz! She’ll show you techniques to add energy and interest to your dance.

Alma de Amaya

This Instructional Belly Dance video (produced by Amaya) includes Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish Combinations for Middle Eastern Dance.

Includes a Special Performance by Amaya!


This Instructional Belly Dance Video (produced by Amaya) includes: Basic Hip Mechanics; Isolations and Shimmies; Drum Solo Shimmy Choreography; and a fabulous performance by Amaya!

Taught with a sense of fun and ease, Amaya gives instruction on everything from basic hip mechanics to delightful layering of shimmies… in Amaya?s unique style! A must for your belly dance video library!

Suitable for ALL levels of dancers.

Veil & Arm Dancing

This instructional belly dance DVD produced by Amaya includes:

Arm Technique and Positions
Veil Concepts
Veil Tricks
And a Performance by IAMED Award Winner Amaya!

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Bellydance DVD

SALE: $24.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Belly Dance Stars

Albuquerque, NM

Katia has been studying and performing Middle Eastern Dance, as well as other dance forms, for over 20 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has over ten years of teaching experience in public schools, making her one of the clearest instructors in the belly dance industry.

Katia is featured in several DVDs sold on this website, including:




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