Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 10 FEB 2010

10 February 2010

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Hot Combinations with Ansuya

Afraid your belly dance choreographies are getting cold or your improvisations are uninspired? Spice up your belly dancing with hot new combinations from Ansuya! Ansuya describes and demonstrates each combination, then teaches a complete breakdown of the technique, with plenty of repetition so you don’t have to keep hitting the rewind button. Then Ansuya leads you through a dance drill using the combinations to practice transitions from combination to another. By the time you’re done, you will be able to use the combinations in your own belly dance choreographies or improvisations.

The video ends with a full, costumed performance by Ansuya!

Sizzlin’ Hips with Ava Fleming

Moving the hips in isolation from – or in coordination with – the ribcage is the essence of Raqs Sharki. Your hips can move soft and slow, or fast and sharp… but there’s more to it than that! The technique a dancer uses to move her body affects how her audience will feel her dancing.

Ava breaks down how to execute many popular belly dance hip movements using various motivator techniques – it’s the same move but with very different effects! Ava includes fun combinations and plenty of drilling so you’ll really feel why an “internal” hip drop looks very different from an “external” hip drop.

More than just technique, by giving you greater awareness of how you dance, Ava’s movement theory will increase your dance vocabulary, add juiciness to your fluid curves, and crisp precision to your accents. You’ll discover and create more intricate layers in your dance, so you- and your audience – will enjoy your dancing even more!

Plus, an amazing performance by Ava!

21 Shimmies & 1001 Variations with Leyla Jouvana

Now you can learn 21 of The Shimmy Queen’s favorite shimmies ~ plus lots of variations ~ from Leyla herself. Leyla completely breaks down the technique used for each shimmy, including the muscles involved and weight changes. She explains the differences between the shimmies, what makes each shimmy special, and how to match each shimmy to the music.

Plus, to help you to clearly understand the relationship between the movements and the rhythms, Leyla teaches to exciting rhythms played by her husband Roland, the accomplished drummer. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation of the music as well learn some great moves!

Your drum solos will never be the same, and whether you’re dancing to the latest pop tunes or the classics, Leyla’s shimmies will add excitement and spice to all your belly dance performances!

Running time: 135 minutes.

Ultimate Combinations Vol. 1

No matter what your style or level of dancing, whether you choreograph or improvise, you can use these combinations to expand your dance vocabulary in fun and exciting ways! Lots of variety and lots of technique for standing, traveling, floor and Turkish combinations are included.

Ava Fleming
Elizabeth Artemis Mourat

More than 90 minutes of combinations, plus a performance by Sadie with Amir Sofi on Tabla!

Alma de Amaya

Soul of Amaya ~ Alma de Amaya

This Instructional Belly Dance video (produced by Amaya) includes Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish Combinations for Middle Eastern Dance

With a Special Performance by Amaya!

Turkish Style with Elizabeth Artemis Mourat

Turkish Style Oriental Dance is energetic, joyous, assertive, passionate, and spontaneous. It is characterized by aggressive hip movements, complex pelvic articulations, exciting zills, powerful drum solos, sensuous taqsim, fun stomach play, extended veil work, and a wide array of mysterious gestures.

Learn this fun and exciting style of belly dance with expert dancer and historian, Elizabeth Artemis Mourat! This video also includes a brief history of Turkish Style Belly Dance, (including contributions of the Turkish Romany people), and describes how it is distinguished from Egyptian Raqs Sharki, and concludes with a fun and exciting improvised Turkish Oriental Style performance by Artemis!

ONLY $9.99

Belly Dance Television Volume 1
video news magazine (on DVD)

Spotlight – Ansuya

Rising Stars – Urban Tribal Dance Company, of San Diego, California

Hip Tips – Anaheed and Paulina show you how to care for your costume when the party’s over.

Feature Story – Behind the Scenes at Amara’s controversial production of “An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance.”

News & Events – * Festival of Dancing Colors (and Gala Show highlights); * MECDA’s 26th Anniversary Party; * Festival Fantasia; * IAMED’s Sixth Awards of Belly Dance – meet the winners and get a glimpse of each performance at this outstanding black tie affair!

BD-TV ~ What’s Happening in Belly Dance!

ONLY $19.99

Belly Dance Rocks!

Performances by The Most Fabulous Belly Dancers on the Planet!

* Fahtiem
* Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers
* Sa’Elayssa
* Paulina from “The Art of Belly Dance” Series
* Ava Fleming
* Sadie
* Andreanna
* Lilla Varese
* Aleya
* Negma Dance Company
* Dangerous Curves Dance Company
* Habib in “Belly Metal”
* Leyla Jouvana “The Shimmy Queen”

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The First Awards of Belly Dance

Re-mastered and re-edited, this video features 2 hours of dynamic belly dance performances, including IAMED Award Winners Cassandra, Amaya and Alexandra King, with additional performances by Marguerite and Dondi. Shot live at The Los Angeles Theater Center. Truly a classic!

Featuring Performances by:

* Alexandra King
* Amaya
* Cassandra
* Jamilla Al Wahid
* Marzue
* Orchids of the East
* Sapphira
* SeSe
* …and live music by Desert Wind

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Belly Dance Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Anaheed is a native Californian with a mixed heritage from the paternal side (Greek, Italian, and Armenian). As a child, she studied ballet, gymnastics and Hawaiian dance. In the early 1970’s Anaheed took up belly dancing, and became the Managing Director of the Perfumes of Araby Dance Company in 1979. She currently teaches and performs throughout Southern California.

Anaheed is featured in several DVDs sold on this website, including:





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