Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 07 OCTOBER 2009

07 October 2009

For many years Anaheed has been one of the most popular dancers and instructors in Southern California. She has been belly dancing since the 1970’s, making her an authority on American cabaret style belly dance. She has studied with some of the most influential performers of our time, including the late, great Diane Weber.

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Classic Cabaret Floorwork with Anaheed

The art of floor work is a classic part of the American Cabaret belly dance routine. Sinuous and hypnotic, it displays the dancer’s skill and strength like no other portion of the dance. In this video, Anaheed shares the secrets of dancing gracefully and safely on the floor, so you can add mystery and power to your performances.

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Ultimate Combinations Vol 1

This DVD features some of the world’s best belly dancers sharing their favorite combinations with you!


Aziza * Sadie * Anaheed * Amaya * Fahtiem * Elizabeth Artemis Mourat * Celeste * Amara * Ava Fleming

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Ultimate Combinations Vol 2

No matter what your style or level of dancing, whether you choreograph or improvise, you can use these combinations to expand your dance vocabulary in fun and exciting ways! Lots of variety and lots of technique for standing, traveling, floor and Turkish combinations are included.

Aziza * Sadie * Anaheed * Amaya * Fahtiem * Elizabeth Artemis Mourat * Celeste * Amara * Ava Fleming

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Ultimate Combos 1 & 2 Set

Instantly upgrade your vocabulary! Get both great instructional combos DVDs for one low price!

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Belly Dance Revolution!

This video includes performances by some of the great stars of belly dancing, including:

Anaheed * Sapphira * Leyla Jouvana and Roland * Ava Fleming * Aradia * Sa’diyya * Brandi * Ya Helewa! * Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers * Dahlena’s Habibi Dancers. With Special Performances: “Super Belly Metal” by Habib and “Golden Goddess” by Celeste

SALE: $24.99

Belly Dance Spectacular

Two Hours of Fantastic Belly Dance Performances by the Best Belly Dancers on the Planet!

Starring: Aziza * Dalia Carella * Jillina & The Sahlala Dancers * FatChanceBellyDance * Ava Fleming * Katia * Sa’Elayssa * Ya Amar! Dance Company * Paulina * Anaheed * Louchia * Mesmera’s Sacred Serpent * Dangerous Curves Dance Company

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Hollywood Babylon

Highlights include: The Tut Sisters performing a “Mummy” dance, a trance dance by Brandi, Rania performing with Isis wings, a great solo by Jillina and two performances by Sahlala… and best of all? Dondi as Marilynn Monroe. Mesmera, Anaheed, Marula, Marguerite, Farhana dance to live music by Al Kimie. Shot live at Burbank Center Stage Theater.

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Belly Dance Television Vol 1

Spotlight – Ansuya; Rising Stars – Urban Tribal Dance Company; Hip Tips – Anaheed and Paulina show you how to care for your costume when the party’s over; Feature Story – Behind the Scenes at Amara’s controversial production of “An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance”; News & Events – * Festival of Dancing Color * MECDA’s 26th Anniversary Party * Festival Fantasia * IAMED’s Sixth Awards of Belly Dance

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Belly Dance Television Vol 2

Spotlight – Carolena Nericcio & FatChanceBellyDance; Rising Stars – Sadie & Habib; Hip Tips – Anaheed and Paulina show you how to give your costume wardrobe a face lift by tucking and draping your skirts in a variety of ways; Feature Story – Behind the Scenes at Suhaila’s “Sheherezade”; News & Events – * Tribal Fest * Belly Dancer of the Universe * and the Bellydance Superstars in Las Vegas!

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Belly Dance Television – Volumes 1, 2, & 3

Get all three of these fun and unique DVDs for one low price! Volume 3 includes Aradia of Las Vegas, Crystal Silmi from San Francisco, LaUra of New York, Hip Tips with Aubre, Arabian Nights at Sea, and more!

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Bellydance DVD

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Bellydance DVD

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Bellydance DVD

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Belly Dance Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Fahtiem is a world-famous, multi-award winning performer and instructor. She has performed for countless celebrities, made appearances on television shows, provided entertainment on cruise ships, choreographed major events… and the list goes on. Fahtiem is an incredible entertainer with amazing beauty and grace.

Fahtiem is featured in several DVDs sold on this website, including:




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