Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 24 NOV 2009

24 November 2009

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Dynamic Combinations – Traveling in Style with Ava Fleming

It was once said of a great belly dancer that she could dance in the space of a single tile. But with today’s big stages and exciting music, sometimes you just have to get off the tile and move!

In this video, Ava Fleming teaches you how to Travel in Style! Starting with grand entrances to immediately grab your audience, she shows you how to move from Point A to Point B using exciting and fun traveling combinations. Ava breaks down and demonstrates each movement, completely explaining the technique and transitions, including weight changes and correct posture with an emphasis on safe movement. She also includes variations and tips on styling.

The video concludes with a spectacular performance by Ava!

Classic Cabaret Floorwork with Anaheed

The art of floorwork is a classic part of the American Cabaret belly dance routine. Sinuous and hypnotic, it displays the dancer’s skill and strength like no other portion of the dance. In this video, Anaheed shares the secrets of dancing gracefully and safely on the floor, so you can add mystery and power to your performances.

Anaheed demonstrates and completely breaks down:
* Warm-up exercises to prepare to perform floor work and strengthen the muscles used in this demanding art form. * How to descend to the floor gracefully. * Classic floor movements including Seated, Back Layouts, Side Layouts, Crawls and Traveling, and Veil. * How to ascend gracefully.

The video concludes with a full costumed performance by Anaheed, including her fabulous floor work.

Magnificent Moves with Zahra Zuhair
Egyptian Technique, Combinations, and Styling

What makes Raqs Sharki – Egyptian Style Belly Dance – so special? Find out in this fun and informative video starring one of the most popular Egyptian Style instructors and performers in the United States, Zahra Zuhair!

Raised in Oriental Dance since a young girl, Zahra is known for her musicality, flawless technique, and elegant style. Since the late 1970’s, she has traveled extensively to Egypt and studied the regional dances of the Middle East and North Africa. Now Zahra shares some of her unique skills and knowledge with you by teaching Egyptian Style technique and combinations that you can incorporate into any belly dance performance.

In this program, Zahra teaches loads of technique plus all new exciting combinations! In addition to all the invaluable instruction, you can also enjoy Zahra’s wonderful belly dancing with an exclusive performance that includes some of the combinations taught in this video!

Spins & Turns with Marguerite

A spinning dancer is mystic and mesmerizing. On this belly dancing video, learn the ancient arts of Spinning and Whirling with Marguerite who studied with the Shamans of Mongolia.

Marguerite leads you through balance and neck exercises to warm you up and prepare you for spinning and turning. Then she teaches you how to spot with multiple and single-spot turns, and includes tips on how to keep from getting dizzy. She demonstrates and completely breaks down numerous spins and turns! To add texture to your performance, Marguerite demonstrates many arm movements and positions to use while spinning, including Decorative Arms, the Heart Mudra, Snake Arms, Ceiling Spot Arms, and the Over Head Wipe. You’ll also learn how to use a veil while spinning and how to add Level Changes to your turns.

This program concludes with a mesmerizing performances by Marguerite featuring the techniques taught on this video.

Egyptian Pop Choreography with Jillina

Upbeat and exciting, Egyptian popular music appeals to all audiences. You just have to dance to it! Jillina teaches you how by adding traditional Egyptian steps to modern belly dance for a playful, high-energy performance.

Jillina teaches the movements used in the choreography then shows you how to put them together into fun new combinations. You’ll learn the complete choreography by linking the combinations together, then Jillina and members of the Sahlala Dancers show how you can adapt the choreography for your group performance. At the end of the video, enjoy 2 live belly dance performances featuring this choreography!

Star Power with Amaya

Stage presence is more than a big smile ~ it’s that magical something that won’t let you take your eyes off a dancer and is the difference between a good dancer and a Star! On this DVD, Amaya shares her Star Power secrets. She explains what gives a dancer an exciting presence, demonstrating the difference between blah and pizzazz! She’ll show you techniques to add energy and interest to your dance, including:

* Dancing Within the Music * The Four Focus Points * The Psychology of the Sacred Stage * The Energy Antennae * The Importance of Entrances and Exits * Your Body as Musical Instrument * and… Your Diva Best!

Whether you choreograph or improvise, whether your style is Egyptian, Tribal, Cabaret, or Fusion, Amaya will help you develop your own Star Power! Plus you get a Star Power performance by Amaya!

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Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Bellydance DVD

SALE: $39.99

Belly Dance Stars

Dalia Carella
New York, NY

Dalia Carella is a world-renowned Middle Eastern Contemporary Dancer, Choreographer, Instructress and Global Fusion Artist. Her dance background includes studies in Flamenco, Indian, African, Samba, Salsa, and other Latin dance forms, as well as jazz and ballet. She created her signature dance form, Dunyavi Gypsy (Roma) Dance for which she is known throughout the world. The core of Dalia’s Dunyavi work is extensive research of the Romany trail, focusing primarily on the Roma dances of Spain, India, Turkey and most recently, movements from North Africa. Dalia has also been performing and teaching a second style of Gypsy Rom dance, “El Mundo”, that is evolving from her continuing studies of Middle Eastern, Andalusia and Latin dance influences.

Dalia gives two fun and exciting performances on both of the DVDs sold on this website:


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