Belly Dance Update from IAMED – 05 May 2009

05 May 2009

Belly Dance Television (BD-TV) is a video news magazine on DVD. Think of it as a magazine that you watch instead of read. Rather than static images and printed words, you get to see the dancers move and hear their music. By experiencing the added dimension of motion, you can connect with the performers and better understand their emotional responses. In addition to facts, the energy from each dancer and each event is revealed, giving the viewer a richer, more comprehensive connection with the story.

This program is NOT broadcast on any channel or cable system – it is only available on DVD. This makes BD-TV accessible to anyone in the world who has a DVD player or computer with DVD-Video playback capabilities. This format allows us to reach the most viewers and include the international market. Check it out and see why video will revolutionize the communication in our own community!

On Volume 3

Spotlight on Aradia
A second-generation dancer who has been performing since childhood, Aradia has plenty to say about growing up as a Belly Dancer in Las Vegas. You also get to enjoy an exlusive performance by this wonderful, world-class Belly Dancer!

Rising Stars
LaUra & Crystal: check out these two very different but very talented dancers who are sure to be future stars of Belly Dance.

Plus, enjoy two exclusive performances that you can only find on BD-TV.

Feature Story
Come along with Paulina on an exciting journey with the “Arabian Nights at Sea” cruise to Ensenada, Mexico! Fahtiem, Kamaal, Jonn Compton, and more!

Hip Tips
Aubre and Paulina give you some pointers on abdominal undulations.

Enjoy highlights and behind-the-scenes coverage of Hollywood concert “This Is Belly Dance!,” featuring BD-TV’s Rising Star, Sadie! Then join BD-TV at Naked Rhythm’s VIP party for the release of their new “Frequency” CD.

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Belly Dance Stars

Carolena & FatChanceBellyDance
San Francisco, CA

Considered by many to be the original American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance troupe, FCBD was founded by Carolena Nericcio. This ground-breaking group of women continues to inspire new belly dance performers and instructors in every part of the world.

FatChanceBellyDance is featured in two outstanding performance DVDs sold on this website:




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