Belly Dance Reseller Update 02 SEP 2009

Belly Dance Reseller Update 02 September 2009

Give your customers the tools to learn the mesmerizing art of veil dancing from the masters themselves!

These four outstanding DVDs will help them become one with the veil.

Veil with Aziza

When people think Belly Dancer, they think Veils! Veils that float, spin, and hide then reveal the dancer ~ veils can add magic and loft to your performance. Let AZIZA show you how to make a veil more than a prop; with Aziza, your veil becomes your dance partner!

Smooth as Silk Veil with Katia

Silk! It floats, it ripples, it moves like nothing else. A silk veil can be flowing and lyrical, or somber and mysterious. It can be playful, even percussive! In the hands of an artist, a silk veil is more than fabric; it comes alive and dances ~ and no one can make silk dance like Katia can! On this DVD Katia shares her secrets for dancing with a large silk veil.

Spins and Turns with Marguerite

A spinning dancer is mystic and mesmerizing, and this is the foundation for veil work. Through this incredible and unique instructional DVD you will learn the ancient arts of Spinning and Whirling with Marguerite who studied with the Shamans of Mongolia.

Veil and Arm Dancing with Amaya

This video reveals Amaya’s arm & veil techniques for performance, covering the intermediate to the advanced levels of belly dance. Amaya teaches veil concepts, tricks, drapes, arm designs, and gives a wonderful performance to the song “Dark Fire” by Light Rain. (Produced by Amaya)


Bundle all of these wonderful instructional DVDs into one gift package. Your customers are sure to love it!

Wholesale: $24

Retail: $45 – $49

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