Belly Dance Reseller Update 22 SEP 2009

Belly Dance Reseller Update 21 October 2009

Stock Up!

It’s hard to believe that autumn is here and the holiday season is just around the corner. Now is the time to start stocking up on merchandise for Belly Dancers and those who love the art form. IAMED has the best selection of quality Belly Dance DVDs, both performance and instructional, that will satisfy even the most selective customer!

Rockin’ the Casbah

wo hours of rockin’ belly dance performances by more than 40 of the world’s grooviest belly dancers!

* Aziza * Dalia Carella * Angelika Nemeth * Angelika’s Dance Ensemble * Atlantis * The Cairoettes * Desert Orchid Dance Company * Flowers of the Desert * Jillina & the Sahlala Dancers * Katia * Marguerite * Mesmera * Sa’ Elayssa * Jindra * Shannelle

ANSUYA – Luscious Layers

On this DVD Ansuya teaches you how to combine movements to create Luscious Layers, with detailed breakdown and demonstration of the techniques necessary to isolate and layer movements. After explaining it all, she will lead you through fun follow-along practice sessions with music for each combination. Soon you will be layering Chest Circles, Hip Circles, Figure 8s, Undulations, and all sorts of hand and arm movements including Forward Snake Arms, Finger Ripples, and Big Figure 8 Arms, and more.

AZIZA – Veil with Aziza

When people think Belly Dancer, they think Veils! Veils that float, spin, and hide then reveal the dancer ~ veils can add magic and loft to your performance. Let AZIZA show you how to make a veil more than a prop; with Aziza, your veil becomes your dance partner!

Pops, Locks, & Shimmies Set

Based on their world-famous workshop series!

SADIE and KAYA wow audiences around the world with their dynamic performances and top-rate instruction. In these DVD they share the secrets they use to achieve those famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies. The program includes exercises to build strength, flexibility, and coordination, technique for individual and layered movements, multi-level drills and combinations, and hot performances by Sadie & Kaya!

Belly-Dance-O-Rama Series

See some of the most spectacular belly dance performances in the world on a great stage with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and video production! Sell all three outstanding videos for one low price!

Sadie * Ava Fleming * Desert Sin * Aliyah Ammal * Lilla Varese Dance Company * Kali * Aubre * BellaDonna Dance Company * Aziza Nawal * Paulina * Darshan * Midnight Mirage * Gina * Amira * Leyla Jouvana & Roland * Nadira * Fleurs d’Egypte Dance Company * Habib * Jamileh * Black Opal Dance Company * Isidora Bushkovski * Viviane * Sa’Diyya * Tamra-henna & Aubre * LaUra * Katia * Meera * Yasmine * Lotus Niraja Dance Company * Zahra Zuhair * and more!

SADIE – Sultry Slow Moves

The Taksim ~ the emotional and poetic improvised solo in Middle Eastern Music. Sadie shows you how to turn movements into dancing. You will learn Poses and Extensions that add drama and emotion to your dance. She will also teach you the technique and timing for: back bends * how to descend to the floor gracefully – * the 3 and 5-step Arabesque * veil combinations * and spins and turns that are perfect for your slow dancing. For life in the fast lane, Sadie also shows you how to perform several of the moves and combinations to the faster Turkish Cifte Telli! She then puts it all together into a mini choreography you can perform or just practice to.

JILLINA – Egyptian Pop Choreography

Upbeat and exciting, Egyptian popular music appeals to all audiences. You just have to dance to it! Jillina teaches you how by adding traditional Egyptian steps to modern belly dance for a playful, high-energy performance.

Jillina teaches the movements used in the choreography then shows you how to put them together into fun new combinations. You’ll learn the complete choreography by linking the combinations together, then Jillina and members of the Sahlala Dancers show how you can adapt the choreography for your group performance. At the end of the video, enjoy 2 live belly dance performances featuring this choreography!

Veil Mastery Set

Learn the mesmerizing art of veil dancing from the masters themselves! Bundle these four outstanding DVDs that will help every dancer become one with the veil.

Veil with Aziza * Veil & Arm Dancing with Amaya * Spins & Turns with Marguerite * Smooth As Silk Veil with Katia

Sadie Instructional Set (BEST SELLER)

Sell all of Sadie’s outstanding instructional videos, including the hot new DVDs with Kaya, for one low price!

Drum Solo * Thrillin’ Drillin’ * Sultry Slow Moves * Pops, Locks & Shimmies * Pops, Locks & Shimmies2

Awards of Belly Dance Collection

Offer the complete IAMED Awards of Belly Dance performance video series for one low price!

No belly dance video library is complete without these outstanding IAMED classics. Don’t miss these memorable performances by some of the most popular names in belly dance, including:

Ansuya * Aziza * Delilah * Alexandra King * Amaya * Dondi * Sahra * Zahra Zuhair * Cassandra * Jillina & the Sahlala Dancers * Ultry Gypsy * Tamalyn Dallal * Autumn Ward * Jasmin Jahal * FatChanceBellyDance * Hayat El Helwa * Fahtiem * and MANY more!

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