Essay Contest

IAMED is happy to announce the winners of the essay contest
“Why I Love Belly Dance”

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. There were so many wonderful stories that it was difficult to choose the winners. Some of the essays will be posted on our website soon ~ we think you will enjoy reading what these passionate people have to say about our beautiful art form. Please watch this site for details.

1st Place
Kelly Creagh
Louiville, KY

2nd Place
Laura Smith
Geneva, IL

3rd Place
Tamara Ferranti
Bellflower, CA

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Ainsley Dicks
New Haven, CT

David Vajgrt
Port Washington, WI

Little Rock, AR

Candice Coleman
Prescott, AZ

Yeril Barlup
La Habra, CA

Faridah Jizel Babaganoosh
Lena, WI

Lilla Varese
Costa Mesa, CA


* First Place:  4 IAMED DVDS

* Second Place: 3 IAMED DVDS

* Third Place: 2 IAMED DVDS

* Honorable Mention: 1 IAMED DVD