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Learn the mesmerizing art of veil dancing from the masters themselves! Get four outstanding Belly Dance DVDs that will make you one with your Veil. 

Veil with Aziza

When people think Belly Dancer, they think Veils! Veils that float, spin, and hide then reveal the dancer ~ veils can add magic and loft to your performance. Let AZIZA show you how to make a veil more than a prop; with Aziza, your veil becomes your dance partner!

Introductions and Concepts for Veil Dancing
Aziza introduces rhythms that lend themselves to veil dancing and discusses how to match your movements to the music.
Aziza explains how the fabric type, size, and shape of your veil will affect how it moves and shows how to dance with different kinds of veils.
Aziza demonstrates how to make your veil your partner when you dance, using concepts such as your veil is extension of your body, catching air, invisible shield, and "keeping your pencil on the paper."

Technique and Combinations
Aziza teaches many veil movements, clearly explaining and demonstrating the technique required to make your veil behave beautifully. She shows you how to use hand positions, arm patterns, weight changes, and body alignment to get your veil to do what you want it to do, and how to use the air and the space around you to get the most out of your veil.
Among the many veil movements Aziza teaches are:
~ Scoop & Pivot
~ Roman Cape
~ Sharita
~ Flourish
~ Angel Wings
~ Juggle the Veil
~ and more!
Aziza also teaches variations to each movement, and combinations made up of the movements.

Warm Up and Cool Down with Aziza!
Aziza starts her instruction by leading you through a warm-up especially designed to prepare you to dance with a veil, and ends with a cool-down to relax the muscles you use in veil dancing.

And finally, a beautiful performance starring Aziza and her veil!



Smooth as Silk Veil with Katia

Silk! It floats, it ripples, it moves like nothing else. A silk veil can be flowing and lyrical, or somber and mysterious. It can be playful, even percussive! In the hands of an artist, a silk veil is more than fabric; it comes alive and dances ~ and no one can make silk dance like Katia can!

On this DVD Katia shares her secrets for dancing with a large silk veil. Katia starts by demonstrating how to hold the veil to get the best effect. Then she'll show you how to let air and fabric do the work to make your silk veil Float, Flutter, Soar, Billow, and Swell. You'll learn to create beautiful Butterfly Wings and the secret of Aerial, Opposition and Dragging Pulses.

Katia fully breaks down the techniques to execute expert Veil Flips, including the Phoenix, the Orchid, the Funnel, the Geyser, and the Grecian Urn. You'll learn both horizontal and vertical Waves, including Surge, Swing, Sidewinder, the Cloud, In the Waves, Venus, and the Jazz Walk.

Your veil doesn't have to be spread out and flowing! Katia shows you how to have Twisted Fun with the Cyclone, Loop-de-loops, and Spirals! You'll learn how to let your veil go with style, using Discards such as Wave Walks, Outburst, Melt Down, and the Sky Scraper. Katia will also show you some Twisted Discards including the Whip, the Hoop, and the Crazy Eight!

This program also includes a SMOOTH AS SILK performance by Katia and her veil!



Veil and Arm Dancing with Amaya

Veil and Arm Dancing with Amaya DVD - This video reveals Amaya's arm & veil techniques for performance. Covering the intermediate to the advanced levels of belly dance in this DVD. Amaya teaches veil concepts, tricks, drapes, arm designs, and gives a wonderful performance to the song "Dark Fire" by Light Rain.

Spins and Turns with Marguerite

A spinning dancer is mystic and mesmerizing. On this belly dancing video, learn the ancient arts of Spinning and Whirling with Marguerite who studied with the Shamans of Mongolia.

Warm-up and Exercises
Marguerite leads you through balance and neck exercises to warm you up and prepare you for spinning and turning.


Marguerite teaches you how to spot with multiple and single-spot turns, and includes tips on how to keep from getting dizzy. She demonstrates and completely breaks down numerous spins and turns, including:

* Pivot Turns
* Barrel Turns
* Head Flip Turns
* Ceiling Spot Turns
* Traveling Spins
* Mermaid Turns
and more...

To add texture to your performance, Marguerite demonstrates many arm movements and positions to use while spinning, including Decorative Arms, the Heart Mudra, Snake Arms, Ceiling Spot Arms, and the Over Head Wipe. You'll also learn how to use a veil while spinning and how to add Level Changes to your turns.

This program concludes with a mesmerizing performance by Marguerite featuring the techniques taught on this video.



"Marguerite is art in motion"
~ Feiruz Aram

"A teacher of Mystics"
~ Keith Drosin, Dance Photographer

"Truly Inspiring"
~ Shahrazad - Cologne, Germany

Running Time: 93 minutes


Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

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Reba Colter:  It took me awhile to make my way through this DVD set, but it was worth it. Aziza teaches classic veil ala Aziza style. Her technique is smooth and graceful. Katia teaches her own unique style of silk veil. I picked up some fun movements from her. I learned turning and spinning with a veil from Marguerite's DVD. And Amaya's DVD finisthed off the set with both arm movements and her signature style. I'm still practicing with all these DVDs and getting better. Thank you to everyone involved in making these videos.

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