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Tribal Belly Dance Basics with Kajira Djoumahna DVD

2 Hours of Excellent Instruction! Recommended for beginners and intermediate students. 

The soaring popularity of American Tribal Style (ATS) Belly Dance comes from its celebration of feminine energy and friendship which makes it captivating to watch and fun to perform. In this belly dance video, Kajira explains the fundamentals of ATS and how to use movement vocabulary and cues to achieve the synchronized group improvisation unique to this belly dance style.

Technique & Demonstration
Kajira teaches both slow and fast movements, with plenty of breakdown and demonstration. She also shows variations on the movements and how to transition from one movement to another. This section includes demonstration performances by Kajira and members of United We Dance, using the movements taught in this video, allowing you follow along and practice the movements and reading the cues.

You Will Learn:

* Vertical Figure Eights
* Ribcage Circles
* Cross-Point
* Pestle & Pestle Variation
* 3/4 Shimmy
* Egyptian
* Original & Changing Vines
* Mo' Rockin' Hip Hop

This tribal belly dance video also features a costumed performance by Kajira and members of her troupe, United We Dance.

Running time: 115 minutes. All Region DVD.


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Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
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Elizabeth:  I found this video to be a real asset since I live in an area where nobody teaches tribal style belly dance. I love Kajira's style of teaching. She is very friendly on video. The instruction is very clear, movements are broken down in detail and enough repetition of the movements so that I knew them well by the time the video was over. She teaches a number of movements in this video. It's contains almost 2 hours of instruction. At the end Kajira and United We Dance perform in costume. I have some of the other tribal style belly dance videos like Fat Chance Belly Dance and Gypsy Caravan but I like this one with Kajira better. In conclusion, I think this is best american tribal style belly dance instructional video out there!

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