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See great performances by the most popular Tribal and Tribal Fusion performers in the United States with these two DVDs:


"Tribal Fusion" describes the innovative direction taken by many ATS (American Tribal Style) belly dance companies and solo performers. Tribal Fusion dancers embrace a new blend of traditional and contemporary movements and aesthetics, combining diverse world influences with modern American dance styles creating a revolution in movement, music and costume.


* Kami Liddle - Shisha Room - Tribal Fusion
* Urban Tribal Dance Company – Saptak - Tribal Fusion - Duet
* Zoe Jakes – Mazamir Holiday - Tribal Fusion – Egyptian Folklore
* Ava Fleming - Darkness Falls -Tribal Fusion – Sword Dance
* Domba – Bascha - Troupe Performance
* Karis - Shake Time - Hoop Performance – Drum Solo
* Elizabeth Strong – Serpentine Tribal Fusion - Sword Dance
* Devadasi - Asian Majik - Asian-Tribal Fusion
* Meleah - Awaken The Goddess - Afro-Tribal Fusion
* Aubre - Enchanted Garden - Tribal Fusion
* Urban Gypsy - Cirque du Flame - Fire Dance – Tribal Fusion

Tribal Revolution

The constantly evolving world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance is known for its innovative artistry and emotive expressions. Combining the cultural with the mystical, the dark with the intimate; Revolution presents an unprecedented cast of Tribal Fusion artists. Costumes inspired by the beautiful and underground meet enigmatic music from musicians such as: Solace, Mosavo, The Toids, Sxip Shirey and more!


* Mira Betz: “Bound” Cabaribal Solo
* The Nekyia: “Zilz and Skilz” Jazz Fusion
* Ariellah: “Exiled” Gothic Tribal Fusion
* Zoe Jakes: “Zakkara One” Drum Solo and Taksim
* Kami Liddle: “Uncovered Ecstasy” Tribal Fusion
* Princess Farhana: “Harem Street” Vintage Bellydance
* Katie Kay: “Amantsi” Balkan Fusion
* Ultra Gypsy: “Haj Khaled” Drum Solo
* Aubre: “Khawatem” Tribal Fusion
* Domba: “Kpanlogo” Afro-Bellydance Fusion
* Olu: “Rumi’s Passion” Tribal Fusion
* Subee Djinn: “Rebirth” Tribal Fusion Duet

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