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Arabic Rhythms with Tamra-Henna DVD

Over two hours of outstanding instruction!

Rhythm ~ the foundation of Middle Eastern music. As well as express the emotion of the melody and lyrics, a belly dancer must be on the beat and respond to the many rhythm changes that add depth and texture to Egyptian music. Tamra-henna and Amir Sofi on tabla teach you everything you need to understand Egyptian rhythms so your Raks Sharqi performances will beautifully interpret the subtle complexities of this wonderful music!

Tamra-henna and Amir begin by explaining and demonstrating the elements of Egyptian rhythms ~ Dum - tec - ka! ~ and the structure and timing of these popular Egyptian rhythms:

The 4 Beat Rhythms:
~ Maqsoum
~ Masmoudi Sagheer (Beledi)
~ Wahda

The 2 Beat Rhythms:

~ Ayub
~ Malfoof

And so you don't miss a beat, diagrams that illustrate each rhythm appear on the screen while Amir plays!

Because it's not enough to recognize the rhythms, Tamra-henna discusses the kinds of music in which each rhythm is found, and how you can use them in your performance.

In this belly dance video she then teaches several combinations that reflect the structure of each rhythm. The combinations will help you develop a deeper understanding of Egyptian rhythms. Plus, they're fun new moves to use in your dancing!

Finally, you are treated to a beautiful costumed performance by Tamra-henna!

Running Time: 136 minutes  ~  All Region DVD


Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Jody Killian:  Learning the rhythms is extremely important to a dancer and Tamra Henna is such an expert in this dvd. I have never had the fortune of taking a personal class with her and was excited to find this dvd. I was not disappointed. Tamra breaks down each Rhythm so you can totally understand and appreciate the combos that go with each piece of music. Agreeing with the first review, having a drummer in the instruction is a wonderful help. Tamra's performance is very beautiful as well as graceful. I highly recommend this!

5 of 5 Stars!
Francesca Andrews:  I have studied with Tamra-Henna for at least 3 years, and I was excited to get her Arabic Rhythms & Combinations DVD from IAMED. It is everything I hoped for and more! You will learn how to recognize the different Arabic drum rhythms and how to move to them in the traditional way. Why is this important for a belly dancer? Because belly dancing is all about the rhythms and the music and it is essential to know how to move to these rhythms the way it is done in the Middle East. This way you will be able to dance to live music and for Middle Eastern audiences! In short, the DVD is instructional in an easily accessible way, very much the way Tamra-Henna teaches her classes. The bonus is the live drummer and the beautiful performance by Tamra-Henna at the end. Just look at her face when she dances and you will understand the deep joy that this dance can bring to your life.

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