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Set of 3 Belly Dance DVDs that teach you how to shimmy, shimmy and do more shimmies!

Turbo Shimmy with Celeste

Unique Drills for a More Dynamic Shimmy!

Every belly dancer wants shimmies that are effortless, strong, smooth, and go on forever! In this DVD Celeste will help you improve your shimmies by clarifying proper shimmy technique, demonstrating stretches and exercises to improve strength and flexibility, and leading you through her special shimmy drills. Each drill is progressively more challenging, requiring greater strength and stamina, and adding layering.

This DVD includes:
~ Demonstration and Instruction of Strengthening Exercises
~ Demonstration and Instruction on Shimmy Technique
~ 4 Fun & Progressively More Challenging Shimmy Drills
~ 6 Classic Stretches
~ 2 Beautiful Performances by Celeste

Whether you are shimmying in a drum solo or embellishing your choreographies and improvisations, or just looking to shake it on the dance floor, TURBO SHIMMY WITH CELESTE will make your shimmies more dynamic than ever!


21 Shimmies & 1001 Variations with Leyla Jouvana

There's a reason LEYLA JOUVANA is known around the world as The Shimmy Queen of belly dance - no one can Shimmy like Leyla!

Now you can learn 21 of The Shimmy Queen's favorite shimmies ~ plus lots of variations ~ from Leyla herself. Leyla completely breaks down the technique used for each shimmy, including the muscles involved and weight changes. She explains the differences between the shimmies, what makes each shimmy special, and how to match each shimmy to the music.

In this belly dance video Leyla teaches 21 kinds of shimmies, including:

  • Rotation Shimmy
  • Hip Shimmy
  • Ghawazee Shimmy
  • Egyptian Shimmy
  • Vertical Afro Shimmy
  • Samba Shimmy
  • Flutter Shimmy
    and more!

From basic shimmies like the Hip Shimmy and the Egyptian Shimmy, to the advanced layering of the Combined Afro-Vibration Shimmy or the Samba Shimmy, Leyla fully demonstrates each shimmy so you can follow along and perfect your own technique.

Plus, to help you to clearly understand the relationship between the movements and the rhythms, Leyla teaches to exciting rhythms played by her husband Roland, the accomplished drummer. You'll gain a deeper appreciation of the music as well learn some great moves!

Your drum solos will never be the same, and whether you're dancing to the latest pop tunes or the classics, Leyla's shimmies will add excitement and spice to all your belly dance performances!

Running time: 135 minutes.




More Shimmies & Thousands of Variations with Leyla Jouvana

The Shimmy Queen is back!

In this how to belly dance video Leyla Jouvana shows why she's called the Shimmy Queen with more of her trademark moves. Leyla teaches 10 new shimmies and lots of new variations and traveling combinations using the shimmies featured on the popular "21 Shimmies & 1001 Variations" DVD.

Leyla completely breaks down the technique for each shimmy and combination, explaining which muscles to use and the secrets of weight changes. There's plenty of demonstration and follow-along to make sure you get it right.

You'll learn exotic new moves such as the Egyptian Vibration Shimmy, the Combined Flutter, Muscle & Hip Shimmy, and the Asian or Persian Head Shimmy, and new Hip Shimmy variations and fun traveling Hip Shimmy combinations including:

* Camel walk undulation
* Double Hagallah
* Arabic step combination with Suhair Zaki step and shimmy
* Arabic Figure 8 with shimmy on diagonal circle
* and More!

Because shaking your hips isn't enough, Leyla teaches the technique to master the Rotation Bust Shimmy, the Combined Bust & Hip Rotation, and these popular Shoulder Shimmies:

* Raqs Sharqi
* Khaleegy (Saudi Arabian)
* Balady
* Vertical Shoulders used in Folkloric styles such as Nubian & Turkish Rom (gypsy)
* Persian
* African

And because shaking your shoulders isn't enough, she also shows you how to layer and use these shimmies in combinations!

Then Leyla shows you more variations of the Ghawazee Shimmy, the Muscle Shimmy, and the Tip-Toe Shimmy with the Maya, traveling undulations and Figure 8s! Plus more Twist Variations and Flutter Variations!

Finally, a Shimmilicious performance by Leyla with drumming by Roland!




All Region DVDs ~ Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best How to Belly Dance Videos in the World!


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Reba Colter:  This DVD set is kick-ass! The 2 Leyla shimmy DVDs are the bible for learning great shimmies. Leyla truly is the shimmy queen. Turbo Shimmy is a great practice DVD. You'll learn better technique and longer, stronger shimmies.

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