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Stars 2002 ~ Belly Dance Music CD

A super compilation CD of Popular Egyptian music with 15 great tracks to belly dance to. A excellent addition to any belly dancer's music collection.

1. Saber Al Robae (Meziean)
2. Jawad (Al Shoq) - CLICK TO HEAR SAMPLE
3. Fulla (Tashakurat) - CLICK TO HEAR SAMPLE
4. Assi Al Hillani (El Wafa Enwan)
5. Mustafa Amer (Habib Hayati) - CLICK TO HEAR SAMPLE
6. Diana Haddad (Akhbar Helwa)
7. Rashed Al Majed (Weily)
8. Mohammed Fouad (Alah Low Nerda)
9. Fadl Shaker (Mamnoue Ani El Hawa)
10. Ehab Tawfiq Ya Wailla)
11. Angham (Seidi Wisalak)
12. George Wassuf (Youm El Wedaa)
13. Amer Diab (Wala Ala Balo) - CLICK TO HEAR SAMPLE
14. Wael Kfoury (Eyamak Keef)
15. Hisham Abbas (Habiby Feno)

Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Kathy Smith:  Don\'t judge this CD by the cover or the date on it, because the music is cool and current. The CD has some great, and most importantly, danceable music on it. I definatley recommend it.

5 of 5 Stars!
Bethsheba Almah:  Fantasticly HIP updated music everyone can dance to and drive too! One of my favorites!

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