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CD - Setrak at the Harem CD - Setrak at the Harem
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Setrak at the Harem ~ Belly Dance Music CD
Belly Dance Music from Master Drummer Setrak Sarkissian and his band. 

There are many master players of the Tabla, the Arabic drum, but any discussion of the best will always include Setrak Sarkissian. For decades he has been widely regarded as one the finest percussionists in the Middle East.

This CD includes the following tracks:


Kanoun Saba

Tableau Raks 

Tabla Khawasir

Desert Nay

Sharki Ya Wad

Tabla Sharki

Mili Ala Gambeyn

Wedding Tableau

Ya Bouy, Ya Bouy

Layali Nay

Accordian Balady

Setrak’s Solo

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