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Drum Solo with Sadie DVD ~ Technique and Choreography

The drum solo is one of the most exciting portions of the belly dance performance - it's when the dancer can really show off her stuff! The drum solo showcases the belly dancer's technique and how creatively she can interpret the music. On this how to belly dance video, Sadie teaches a challenging drum solo that is sure to impress!

Drum Sounds
Sadie demonstrates drum sounds and how they are made. She explains how each drum sound tells you what kind of movement to use in performing the drum solo.

Technique and Combinations
Sadie teaches the combinations used in the drum solo, completely demonstrating and breaking down the technique of each movement. You'll be able to use the drum solo combinations in your own drum solo choreographies or improvisations, as well as Sadie's Drum Solo.

Drum Solo Choreography
Sadie strings together the combinations to teach the complete drum solo choreography, with repeated demonstrations and full explanations.

The DVD concludes with two hot performances by Sadie: the drum solo taught in this program, and a drum solo to live drumming by Amir Sofi!

Includes music from "Jewel of the Desert" CD by Dr. Samy Farag!


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All Region DVD - Plays everywhere in the world. Produced by IAMED

Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Amanda Quick:  I am so thrilled with this DVD. It has to be one of the few DVDs I own that is worth the price tag. (IAMED DVDs are worth their weight in gold!) I have seen some of her performances online and she was so spectacular, I knew I had to get this DVD. My classes in my area were starting to be repetitive and too beginner for me so this super challenge is something I can't wait to do! A warning - not for beginners! This most definitely is an advanced choreography and the dancer should know basic belly dance vocabulary and familiar with the drum solo rhythms or she will be lost very quickly and most likely frustrated. Sadie does a great job breaking down some movements in her strengthening section but assumes that you are familiar with the basics. This may take me months to master but I am up for the challenge. Just watch out for her flying earring in the final drum solo performance!

5 of 5 Stars!
sara dingess:  I just recently started adding this DVD to my fitness routine and I have already seen results! Sadie does an excellent job breaking each segment down. It's a challenge but one I can tell I am going to enjoy. I definelty enjoy the warm-up section and I use it everyday in my fitness routine even when I am not practicing drum solos. I can tell it is going to help me with zill practice too! I enjoy this DVD a lot and recommend it most definetly!

5 of 5 Stars!
Dolisha Jones:  From the time I saw Sadie in the "Trilogy" I knew I had to get her drum solo video. This video is quite a challenge. I highly recommend it for the intermediate-advance dancer who's thirsting for a video that challenges them. I love this video because she's not just shimmying through the whole drum solo, she's teaching many different locks and flutters. This video is sick! I love it!

5 of 5 Stars!
Denise Hatch:  Sadie was my first teacher and I adore her style! This DVD is very professional, and Sadie's explainations are just like they are in class, clear! It is so easy to 'attempt' to follow her, as her isolations jump out at you and there is no doubt what you are to be doing. Bravo to IAMED for getting Sadie to do a Drum Solo, her skill really shines and this is a DVD that every dancer should have. Once you can do this solo with Sadie - you can pat yourself on the back!

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