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Sadie and Kaya Pops and Locks DVD Set

Get both of these popular instructional DVDs for one low price!

Based on Sadie and Kaya's world-famous workshop series!

Pops, Locks & Shimmies

SADIE and KAYA wow audiences all over with their Pops, Locks & Shimmies, and in this how to belly dance video they share the techniques and exercises they use to achieve those famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies.

To prepare you to Pop, Lock & Shimmy at your best, SADIE and KAYA start with Range of Motion exercises designed to increase your flexibility, strength, and control. They then explain and demonstrate the technique for each Pop, Lock & Shimmy, including identifying which muscles to use and how to use weight changes to improve your execution and to dance safely.

After you have the technique, SADIE and KAYA lead you through drills to practice and perfect your Pops, Locks & Shimmies. The drills start simple, then increase in complexity to combine Pops, Locks & Shimmies with the Grapevine, Pas das Bourre, Three-Quarter, and more... including turns!

"Now let's add a Shimmy to that!" Because a Belly Dancer just has to shimmy, in each section, SADIE and KAYA show you how to layer Shimmies on those amazing Pops and Locks!

SADIE and KAYA finish their instruction by leading you through a cool-down.

Finally, a dynamic video performance duet by SADIE and KAYA including those famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies!

Running time: 155 minutes

Pops, Locks & Shimmies 2

Sadie and Kaya wow audiences around the world with their own unique style of belly dance performance and instruction. In this DVD they share more of their exciting technique and exercises used to achieve those famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies!

This program continues to build on core movements and isolations while adding pops, locks and shimmies to create new dynamic layers. These exercises will help you build stamina and coordination while adding incredible new vocabulary to your dance!

You will then put your hot new layers into practice with fun and challenging combinations that can instantly be incorporated into your own performances. Sadie and Kaya keep the joy of belly dance alive while they lead you through new concepts in creating multi-dimensional dance entertainment.

This video also includes an awesome duet performance by Sadie and Kaya using their famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies!

Learn how to dance from the 2 belly dancers starring on America's Got Talent.

Running Time: 113 minutes

Pops, Locks & Layers

The Dynamic Belly Dancing Duo Sadie and Kaya are at it again with this challenging and unique video.

Building on the popular Pops, Locks and Shimmies DVDs, Sadie and Kaya teach you even more technique and combinations with an emphasis on their own brand of layering.

This DVD includes:

Chest Movements
Layering with Hips
Chest Combinations
Vertical Figure 8s with Layers, Chest Locks, Foot Patterns and Combinations
Inward Pelvic Circles with Layers and Combinations
Outward Pelvic Box with Turns and Combinations
And Much More!

This amazing belly dance video ends with a hot performance with Sadie and Kaya with music from Amir Sofi.

Running time 129 minutes.

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5 of 5 Stars!
Tara Weiss:  Just got this set. Wow-eee! Sadie and Kaya are great teachers. They start off with fundamentals and then the technique keeps building and building and building!! When I get these 2 DVDs down, I'll be the best dancer in my state! Rated: A++++ Fab!!

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