Pops, Locks and Layers with Sadie and Kaya

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Pops, Locks and Layers with Sadie and Kaya
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Pops, Lock and Layers with Sadie and Kaya DVD

The Dynamic Belly Dancing Duo Sadie and Kaya are at it again with this challenging and unique how to belly dance video.

Building on the popular Pops, Locks and Shimmies DVDs, Sadie and Kaya teach you even more technique and combinations with an emphasis on their own brand of layering.

This DVD includes:

Chest Movements
Layering with Hips
Chest Combinations
Vertical Figure 8s with Layers, Chest Locks, Foot Patterns and Combinations
Inward Pelvic Circles with Layers and Combinations
Outward Pelvic Box with Turns and Combinations
And Much More!

This amazing video program ends with a hot performance with Sadie and Kaya with music from Amir Sofi.

If you loved Pops, Locks and Shimmies, you will love this Pops, Locks and Layers instructional video.  

Running time 129 minutes.

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Clara Armstrong:  I learned a lot of new movements in this DVD. Sadie and Kaya just don\'t quit! I especially liked the hip layers and the figure 8s with all the layers and fun stuff that went with them. I highly recommend the full set of Sadie and Kaya DVDs.

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