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Magnificent Belly Dance Moves and Music!

Learn essential belly dancing technique and combinations, and practice to essential belly dancing music!

Magnificent Moves with Zahra Zuhair
How to Belly Dance DVD

Egyptian Technique, Combinations, and Styling

What makes Raqs Sharki - Egyptian Style Belly Dance - so special? Find out in this fun and informative video starring one of the most popular Egyptian Style instructors and performers in the United States, Zahra Zuhair!

Raised in Oriental Dance since a young girl, Zahra is known for her musicality, flawless technique, and elegant style. Since the late 1970's, she has traveled extensively to Egypt and studied the regional dances of the Middle East and North Africa. Now Zahra shares some of her unique skills and knowledge with you by teaching Egyptian Style technique and combinations that you can incorporate into any belly dance performance.

In this program, Zahra teaches the following, with plenty of variations to give you more options:

* Posture & Poses
* Camels
* Figure Eights
* Hip Circles
* "Soheir Zaki" Hip Downs
* Arabesques
* "The Jewel"
* Belly Accents
* ... and much more!

Plus all new exciting combinations!

In addition to all the invaluable instruction, you can also enjoy Zahra's wonderful belly dancing with an exclusive performance that includes some of the combinations taught in this video!

Running Time: 105 minutes


10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know

Music CD

For the first time ever, the most famous bellydance hits all on one album!

These best-selling instrumentals have captivated bellydancers and audiences for decades! This compilation is a must-have for the bellydancer or the bellydance enthusiast.

Track listing:

1. Habibi Ya Eyni - Mohamed Ali Ensemble (4:38)
2. Mishaal - Sami Nossair Orchestra (5:00)
3. Alf Leyla - Cairo Orchestra (6:11)
4. Shik Shak Shok - Hassan Abou El Seoud (5:33)
5. Aziza - Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra (4:37)
6. Enta Omri - Mohamed Ali Ensemble - 4:54
7. Zeina - Cairo Orchestra (4:37)
8. Leylet Hob - Andelus Ensemble (5:55)
9. Zay El Hawa - Mohamed Ali Ensemble (4:24)
10. Tamr Henna - Cairo Orchestra (5:57)
11. Balady Ala Accordion - Hassan Abou El Seoud (4:21)
12. Solo Gamalat (3:57) Gamal Goma (3:58)

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