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Learn to Belly Dance DVD Set 

If you want to be a belly dancer, this package is for YOU!

Even if you've never danced a step in your life, with this comprehensive how to belly dance DVD set you will be belly dancing in no time! You get 8 outstanding videos by some of America's top teachers. Nowhere else can you get such an incredible package at such an incredible price!

The Art of Belly Dance

Starting with the three "Art of Belly Dance for Beginners" videos, Paulina will teach you the very basic foundational belly dance moves to get you started. You will learn hip movements, arm placement, hand and wrist technique, shimmies, undulations, upper body moves, and more! Each DVD also features a performance by your instructor, Paulina, plus a special guest dancer.

This unique belly dance video instructional series also gives you the tools you need to get your body ready for dance. In addition to fun, easy-to-follow belly dance instruction, each of these three DVDs also has a full belly dance workout, complete with warm up and cool down exercises! So if you want to learn belly dance, "The Art of Belly Dance" is the best instruction, and the best value on the market!



Finger Cymbals with Ansuya

One of the most important aspects of any dance is music. The belly dancer becomes part of the music she is performing to by playing her own finger cymbals (zills). In this video, Bellydance Superstar ANSUYA teaches you how to get started with zills - from putting them on to how to get the best sound. She then teaches several finger patterns that go with the most popular belly dance rhythms. You will then learn how to play your finger cymbals while dancing with several fun drills. This technique has been hailed as one of the best and fastest ways to learn zills for belly dance. The belly dance video program concludes with a lovely costumed performance by Ansuya!


Spins & Turns with Marguerite

Spinning and whirling is a very important foundational element for almost any dance. And just as with many movements, there are plenty of variations and techniques that can be utilized and combined to create an exciting and captivating experience for your audience. Marguerite is one of the masters of spins and turns, having studied around the world with experts from various cultures and dance backgrounds. In this belly dance video she will share he extensive knowledge with you and help you perform your turns with grace and ease. In addition to basic turning technique, she will show you variations with head turns, arms movements, level changes and more. You are also treated to TWO mesmerizing performances at the end of the video. This is an excellent primer to learning veil!



Veil with Aziza

The veil dance is one of the most beautiful aspects of the belly dance cabaret performance. In this DVD, Aziza starts off by educating you on the different types of veils available, and how the various shapes and fabrics affect the way your veil moves. She then teaches you the basics, including how to properly hold your veil and make it flow. Once you've got control of the veil, Aziza teaches you lots of great technique and movements, then puts them together in combinations that you can use to build you own veil dance. The belly dance video program includes a performance by Aziza and her veil! This is a must-have DVD for every belly dancer.


Turbo Shimmy with Celeste

Now that you've got the basics, let Celeste help you build those shimmies! Shimmies are one of the most recognizable and most popular movements in belly dance, and can be used in any and every part of your performance. There are several different shimmies you can do, both with the upper and lower part of your body. It's a crowd pleaser for sure, but it takes practice! In this program, Celeste will show you how to work on your technique and give you some fun drills that make your shimmies strong and exciting! This DVD also features a costumed performance by Celeste!


Exciting Entrances & Exits with Dondi

Okay, you've got lots of great moves now and you're ready to start putting it all together! Possibly the most important portions of your belly dance routine will be your entrances and exits. First impressions are extremely important - you want to get our audience excited and grab their attention. And when you're done dancing, it's often the last few moments of your routine that will leave the longest lasting impression. Let Dondi show you how to enter and exit the stage with style! Not only does she show you some fun combinations, she gives you an invaluable education on the different types of environments and audiences you might encounter in your career as a belly dancer. American audiences may be expecting something quite different from customers from Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, or Greece. A wedding is a different situation from a nightclub, so it's important to understand what your audience will appreciate and why. And as always, this great IAMED video features a lovely costumed performance by Dondi.



What's Next?

Once you've completed all of these great belly dancing videos, you'll be ready to move on to the next level. From here you can start learning layers and combinations, drum solos, slow moves, rhythms, and more advanced shimmies and finger cymbals. IAMED also has a great variety of instructional videos that specialize in the various belly dance "styles," such as Tribal, Egyptian and Turkish. Once you start your journey, you'll discover the joy of belly dance and what aspects appeal the most to you. Let IAMED help you build your foundation and polish your performance. And remember... you can never know it all, so please take classes and workshops whenever possible... and practice, practice, practice! Nobody was born a dancer, but if we can do it, so can you! Don't give up. And above all... HAVE FUN!

All DVDs Produced by IAMED - Producers of the Best How to Belly Dance Videos in the World! 

Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Reba Colter:  A must have DVD set if you are a beginner and want to learn how to belly dance. The set includes the basics with complete breakdown of movements plus some DVDs that move you past the basics. This company makes the best videos on belly dance... they are the experts. I recommend them!!

5 of 5 Stars!
Kathy Smith:  An amazing set of DVDs. This set of videos made me the dancer I am today. If you want to learn how to belly dance this is the set for you! The makers of these belly dance videos know what they are doing. The teachers are experts and professional belly dancers. Every movement is broken down and repeated so that as a student you can pick up the moves and every detail and all the nuisances of the technique. I am in this dance for 6 years now and attribute my belly dancing abilities to this collection of DVDs. Thank you IAMED and Bellydance.org!

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