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Learn Your Belly Dance Layers with this Great 3 DVD Set!

Knowing technique is important, but you can't give a truly exciting belly dance performance without layering your movements together. Now you can learn how to layer simple to complex movements with shimmies, and with each other, to create interesting and exciting combinations, choreographies, and improvisations! Ansuya and Leyla Jouvana are not only masters of the dance, but masters of instruction as well. These videos are sure to enhance any dance.

Luscious Layers with Ansuya

Layering movements on each other to create exciting new combinations adds fun and interest to Belly Dancing. A good Belly Dancer's layers are so smooth they seem like just one movement, but it's not easy to look so effortless!

On this DVD Ansuya teaches you how to combine movements to create Luscious Layers, with detailed breakdown and demonstration of the techniques necessary to isolate and layer movements. After explaining it all, she will lead you through fun follow-along practice sessions with music for each combination. Soon you will be layering Chest Circles, Hip Circles, Figure 8s, Undulations, and all sorts of hand and arm movements including Forward Snake Arms, Finger Ripples, and Big Figure 8 Arms, and more.

Layering Freezes
To add even more spice to your dancing, Ansuya shows you how to add a Freeze to each movement with a complete explanation and demonstration of Layering Freezes!

Luscious Layers Drills
The DVD includes two fun drills. With Ansuya's Luscious Layers Drill you will perfect your own Luscious Layers, and her Freeze Drill will make your Layers hot!

And finally, a spectacular performance by Ansuya with lots of Luscious Layers!


Lavish Layers with Ansuya

The best belly dancers interpret the nuances and depth of their music by isolating movements and layering shimmies on top of them, and no one can isolate and layer better than Ansuya!

In this video, Ansuya teaches you how to layer shimmies, with plenty of detailed break down of belly dance technique and easy-to-follow demonstrations. Ansuya starts with demonstrating and explaining the proper posture necessary for belly dance and for lavish layering.

Ansuya teaches isolations for the upper and lower body, including drills to practice your isolations, so you'll be ready to begin layering.

Ansuya teaches several kinds of shimmies that you'll use in your lavish layers.

Belly Dancing Layers
Ansuya shows you how to layer the shimmies onto the upper and lower body Isolations to achieve spectacular lavish layers. This section includes Ansuya?s lavish layers drill to perfect your own Lavish Layers.

Belly Dance Performance
At the end of this video Ansuya performs wearing a beautiful belly dance costume and with lots of Lavish Layers!


Layers with Leyla

In this program, Leyla teaches technique for several popular belly dance moves, then adds more moves to them in multiple layers. You can do as many or as few as you feel comfortable with, then add more layers as you advance - making this DVD suitable for every level of dancer.

You will learn the Maya, Suheir Zaki, Half Hagala, Camel, Reverse Camel, Torso Rotations, and more! And each major segment includes an entire series of layers that you can do in place and traveling. Because of the great variety of layers and combinations, the movements taught in this program can be used in every part of your dance, from Chifti Telli to Drum Solo. And there is plenty of drilling to help you attain muscle memory and perfect your technique.

Also included is costumed performance to live music by Roland on Tabla, so you can see how both simple and complex layers can be used to add excitement and dimension to your dance.

Whether you are just beginning your belly dance journey, or have been dancing for years, this DVD will undoubtedly give you great new material and inspiration for your own performances.


Running time: 120 minutes

All how to videos produced by IAMED.  All Region DVDs.

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Tara Weiss:  Leyla and Ansuya are very different in their styles of dance and teaching. Its a good set if you are "layered" challenged like I am. There is a ton of information on the 2 Ansuya DVDs. One concentrates on the slower, sexy moves and the other has faster moves. I loved Leyla's shimmies DVDs. I love this one just as much. She has an amazing dance vocabulary. Both are excellent teachers and break down all the moves. A+ recommendation.

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