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ARTEMIS - Turkish Style Belly Dance DVD

ARTEMIS - Turkish Style Belly Dance DVD

Manufacturer : IAMED
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5 of 5 Stars!
ANSUYA - The Magic of Belly Dance

ANSUYA - The Magic of Belly Dance

Manufacturer : Ansuya Productions
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Belly Dance for Beginners Videos / DVDs
Learn belly dance from the leading experts in the dance. Our complete line of belly dancing videos includes step by step instruction from the best belly dance teachers in the world.

Our Art of Belly Dance series was designed specifically for beginners to learn the basics of belly dancing.  It’s like taking personal belly dance classes right in your own living room!

We choose our belly dance teachers carefully.  All have many years of experience at the professional level and are highly respected in the art of belly dancing.

Here’s one of many reviews of what new belly dancers are saying about The Art of Belly Dance:

“I’ve tried learning from other beginner belly dance videos, but most were too hard to follow. The Art of Belly Dance videos with Paulina were a dream come true.  It was easy to follow; broke the movements down step by step, and Paulina is a wonderful teacher. Thank you for making this set of really great how to belly dance DVDs.  Now I am having fun belly dancing!”  Alicia Marson

We recommend the 8 DVD set “Learn to Belly Dance”.  The Learn to Belly Dance Set teaches you all the basics and then leads you into the intermediate phase of belly dancing.  The DVDs are a worthwhile investment if you would like a well-rounded education…. And become a beautiful belly dancer!

Our belly dance teachers include: Paulina, Sadie, Kaya, Ansuya, Aziza, Marguerite, Dondi, Kajira, Ava Fleming and more!

BellyDance.org * IAMED ~ International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance
The Leading Experts in Belly Dance!

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