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Set of 3 Great DVDs with Kaya and Sadie
Belly Dance Step by Step Instruction Videos

Hip-notic Belly Dance with Kaya

This unique video program takes advantage of Kaya’s intense teaching style which focuses on learning how to make a mind-body connection, and empowering you to develop your own style while elevating your performance.  Kaya teaches a variety of her captivating techniques and movements, as well as how to pay attention to the important, but often neglected details of our art form.
This DVD includes a variety of technical skills, layers, and exercises that help you perfect your presentation:
* Head Rolls and Flips * Fire in the Eyes * A to Z Chest Movements * Belly Rolls * Flutters 
* Abdominal Sprinkler * Snaking * Oblique Isolations * Blending Hip and Chest Movements
* Inward Pelvic Circles and Variations * Dynamic Changes 
* Unique Ways to Travel Across the Stage 
* Emotionally Connecting with Your Audience 
* Then put it all together to help you develop your own method of self-expression through belly dance.

BONUS FEATURE:  A mesmerizing fire performance by Kaya!                

Running time 129 minutes.


Pops, Locks and Layers with Sadie and Kaya

  The Dynamic Belly Dancing Duo Sadie and Kaya are at it again with this challenging and unique video.

Building on the popular Pops, Locks and Shimmies videos, Sadie and Kaya teach you even more technique and combinations with an emphasis on their own brand of layering. 

This DVD includes: 

Chest Movements
Layering with Hips
Chest Combinations
Vertical Figure 8s with Layers, Chest Locks, Foot Patterns and Combinations
Inward Pelvic Circles with Layers and Combinations
Outward Pelvic Box with Turns and Combinations
And Much More!

This amazing DVD ends with a hot performance with Sadie and Kaya with music from Amir Sofi.

Running Time 129 minutes.


Star Combinations with Sadie, Kaya and Ava Fleming

2 1/2 Hours of How to Belly Dance Instruction from the mega stars of belly dancing. 

It's time to put some fire in your belly dancing performances with these beautiful combinations taught by the mega stars of belly dance:
Ava, Sadie and Kaya!

Each combination starts with a demonstration. This is followed by the teacher explaining the combination and giving you a complete break down of the technique required to perform the combination.  All of the belly dancing combinations also have a follow along so you can practice your new moves in their entirety! 

Big Bonus:  Performances by All Three Stars of Belly Dance!

All 3 Belly Dancing Videos from Suzy Evans and IAMED - Producers of The Best Belly Dance Videos in the World! 

All DVDs are Region Free - Plays Everywhere in the World

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