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Stage Dynamics with Katia DVD

To go beyond merely moving well, and begin creating shows that really grab the audience's attention! A belly dancer must study more than dance technique. She must also become a skilled choreographer who employs strategies for powerful presentation.

In the world of oriental dance, the tools of the choreographer tend to be presented less clearly and less often than those of the dancer, yet these skills can enrich the dance experience for both the improvisional and the choreographed dancer. As a performer, Katia is known for her stunning and unique styling. In live workshops and through video instruction, Katia works to empower each dancer to become her most creative and realize her full artistic potential.

In Stage Dynamics, Katia shares some of the professional techniques that give a dancer real polish, finesse and stage presence. In this belly dance video, you will learn an original choreography, explore tools for creating dynamic dances, the powerful use of stage space, seamless transitions, unity and variety, and how to direct the audience's eye.

There is also a dazzling performance by Katia!

Approx. running time: 94 minutes.



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5 of 5 Stars!
Michelle Boivin:  I recently received this DVD and am very pleased with the contents. I can see why Katia won an award for her instruction as she explains and demonstrates topics clearly. This is a very helpful DVD for understanding the elements that go into staging a performance, whether choreographed or improvised.

4 of 5 Stars!
Taylor:  I would definitely recommend this video! I think my choreographies and understanding of how to create good choreos has improved a lot since I purchased it.

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