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Kajira's Black Sheep BellyDance Format for American Tribal Style Belly Dance - Level 2 Volume 2 DVD

* Any moves or combos with specific cymbal patterns are taught with those patterns. It is assumed you know your basic patterns already and can't wait for more! 
* All steps and combos are taught with their cues, so you can learn to lead and follow. 
* Everything is in the same order as any of my L2 Certified Teachers and I would teach it personally. This order has been fine-tuned for about 15 years, for a reason: it makes it easier and faster to learn this way, which is always more fun, too!

* Brief review of our Class Prayer/Pranam, or Centering Exercise 
* Propellor Turn, both directions 
* Vibrational Overlay options for the above, as well as over Figure 8s and Ribcage Circles, with the info needed for you to apply this type of alternating shimmy (not a ¾ shimmy, "vibrations" are 4/4 shimmies) to any move you like if the music calls for it. 
* 2 new Torso Twist Variations 
* Percussive Maya 
* Over, Over, Up, Roll Down with NEW applications from the IAMED DVD that make those diagonal ¼ turns much easier 
* 2 Forward, 2 Back, both sides and with ¼ turns 
* The Rachel (a.k.a. The Egyptian Goddess) 
* Kathak Turn, starting from either side 
* Orbits with 3 variations, for varying numbers of dancers! 
* Tribal Feat Single Arm Turn, both sides 
* Spider Arms with both Takseem and Maya, facing front and with ¼ turns and variations for those. 
* Ribcage Infinity with optional turn cue 
* Wagon Wheels 
* Basic Egyptian with Calibrated Spins, BSBD style

* THREE Transition Practices now: 1 slow and 2 fast! Get ready to dance, keeping your cymbals handy

* Barrel Turns, slow and with an optional fast one 
* Princess Turn, both directions 
* Jiggy 
* Frederique's Combo 
* Contrary Combo 
* Backwards Turn 
* Tribal Moon Backwards Turns for either stage orientation 
* Switchback Combo 
* Arabic Partner Pass 
* Salsa, with optional cue for a turn

* More formations not previously recorded and demos in and out of them, including our eye-catching Cluster

* Slow and Fast Transition Practices of the steps you've just learned * Closing Pranam * Two performances by BlackSheep BellyDance! 

Belly Dance Video - DVD format. All Region DVD. 

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