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Kajira Djoumahna's Black Sheep Belly Dance Format
For American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Level One

This ATS will teach you:

The tradition and meanings of the gestures used in the ATS Class "Prayer", Pranam, Centering Exercise or Moving Meditation, 
Belly Rolls with cue 
ATS Posture, 
Takseem & Maya, 
Basic Egyptian with half and full turns, 
Hip Bump, Pivot Bumps, Shark and Arc Turn, 
Ribcage Circles with cue for direction change and how the body turns, 
Level Changes 
¾, or Walking, Shimmy, both Full Time and Half Time, with diagonals,
Pestle and Variations, 
Arabic, also with 8-count arms,
Torso Twist,
Turkish with ¼ and ½ turns, 
Circle Step, 
Ghawazee with ¼ and ½ turns, 
Body Waves - 3 sizes

ALL FAST MOVES are taught WITH FINGER CYMBALS to match the count of the music and your steps. You will learn how to find "The One" (or downbeat) and how that applies to your cymbals and dance moves. 

Both Slow and Fast Transition Practice through all moves learned, so you can follow along at home and get the idea of how this synchronized group improvisational style of dance works, and how to move from one step to another.

American Tribal Style Belly Dance Video in DVD format. All Region DVD. 

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