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Ya Salam Ya Jillina Belly Dance Music CD

An Excellent CD with 10 tracks of great belly dancing music by George Fadel.

Includes 4 outstanding drum solos. Produced by ISB and George Fadel especially for belly dancers.

1. Zaye el Hawa
2. Drum Solo
3. Balady
4. Drum Solo 2
5. Finale
6. Mabrook Alena
7. Drum Solo
8. Khabaren eh
9. Drumo Solo 3
10. Finale

Only the very best music from The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance! 

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5 of 5 Stars!
Bridget:  I love this CD! I bellydance in a local restaurant and I'm already using it to perform to. Drums solos are interesting, different and fun. Get this CD, you'll love it.

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