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Hot Belly Dance Combinations DVD Set with Ansuya 

Get both of Ansuya's outstanding HOT COMBINATIONS videos for one low price - a great value!

Hot Combinations

Afraid your belly dance choreographies are getting cold or your improvisations are uninspired? Spice up your belly dancing with hot new combinations from Ansuya! The fun belly dance combinations Ansuya teaches in this video include:

* Funky Temple
* Freezing Cobra
* Grapevine Snake
* Infinity Sway
* Tick-Tock-Ripple-Lock
* ... and more!

Ansuya describes and demonstrates each combination, then teaches a complete breakdown of the technique, with plenty of repetition so you don't have to keep hitting the rewind button. Then Ansuya leads you through a dance drill using the combinations to practice transitions from combination to another. By the time you're done, you will be able to use the combinations in your own belly dance choreographies or improvisations.

The video ends with a full, costumed performance by Ansuya!



All New Hot Belly Dance Combinations

If you loved Ansuya's first "Hot Combinations," and if you are looking for fun, creative, new steps to add to your dance, then this DVD is for you! Enjoy friendly, easy-to-follow instructions of six all new combinations as Ansuya breaks down, demonstrates and shows each combo from all angles. Practice these combos in a drill to polish transitions and get a fun workout!

Whatever your level or style, you will love adding the following flavorful combinations to your own Belly Dance choreographies and improvisations!

* Saidi Strut
* Lock Licious
* Spiral
* Moon Walk
* Henna Hands
* Crescent Circles

Also on this DVD:
* Watch Ansuya put these combos to use in a live, improvised performance with special guest drummer, Oz Ashkenazi!
* Get to know Ansuya better in an exclusive interview.

Belly Dance Step by Step Instruction -  All Region DVDs - Plays Everywhere in the World.  Produced by Suzy Evans and IAMED ~ Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!


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5 of 5 Stars!
Reba Colter:  Wonderful DVD set! I love Ansuya and her style of belly dance. Lots and lots of fascinating combinations to add to mine and your performances.

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