Hip-notic Belly Dance with Kaya

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Hip-notic Belly Dance with Kaya
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Hip-notic Belly Dance with Kaya DVD

This unique video program takes advantage of Kaya’s intense teaching style which focuses on learning how to make a mind-body connection, and empowering you to develop your own style while elevating your performance.  Kaya teaches a variety of her captivating techniques and movements, as well as how to pay attention to the important, but often neglected details of our art form.
This DVD includes a variety of technical skills, layers, and exercises that help you perfect your presentation:
* Head Rolls and Flips * Fire in the Eyes * A to Z Chest Movements * Belly Rolls * Flutters
* Abdominal Sprinkler * Snaking * Oblique Isolations * Blending Hip and Chest Movements
* Inward Pelvic Circles and Variations * Dynamic Changes
* Unique Ways to Travel Across the Stage
* Emotionally Connecting with Your Audience
* Then put it all together to help you develop your own method of self-expression through belly dance.

BONUS FEATURE:  A mesmerizing fire performance by Kaya!                

Running time 129 minutes.




Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Reba Colter:  I learned great belly rolls and a whole lot more. Kaya is a wonderful teacher! Thank you!!

5 of 5 Stars!
Patricia Soranno:  Love the new Kaya DVD. Learned some new great moves, she is an excellent teacher. Her performance at the end, WOW! The performance alone is worth getting it for!

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