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Golden Era of Bellydance ~ Music CD

The 1940's - 1970's is heralded as the Golden Era of Bellydance. Belly Dance Legends such as Taheyya Karioka, Fifi Abdo, Suheir Zaki, Nagwa Fouad, Nadia Gamal and Samia Gamal brought Belly Dance to international acclaim through appearances in numerous Arab films such as Tamra Henna, Afrita Hanem, and Nour Al Ayoun. Lush performances in the finest casinos and nightclubs featured large orchestras and glamorous costumes. Music was composed for each dancer by the greatest composers of the time such as Farid Al Atrash, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Hassan Abou El Seoud. The Ferqat Al Tooras Orchestra presents the finest of the classic Belly Dance compositions recorded with acoustic orchestration, featuring some of the finest musicians of Cairo, such as Mohamed Al Arabi, Aboud Abdel Al, Ahmad Fouad Hassan.

1. Ha Akbalu Boukra 5:30
2. Zikrayat 4:52
3. Sahran Annil 5:39
4. Al Hobbi Kida 4:55
5. Al Atlal 4:56
6. Hassan Ya Ghoulli 4:34
7. Il Wardi Gamil 4:34
8. Arouh Limin 4:09
9. Mkhtarat Wahab 4:38
10. Nom Bitaeb Ayoun Habibi 5:03
11. Leyla 4:50
12. Min Al Aswan 3:03
13. Ahlam Atrash 3:08
14. Sahara City 5:11

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