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Dynamic Combinations DVD - Traveling in Style ~ Ava Fleming

It was once said of a great belly dancer that she could dance in the space of a single tile. But with today's big stages and exciting music, sometimes you just have to get off the tile and move!

In this belly dance video, Ava Fleming teaches you how to Travel in Style! Starting with grand entrances to immediately grab your audience, she shows you how to move from Point A to Point B using exciting and fun traveling combinations. Ava breaks down and demonstrates each movement, completely explaining the technique and transitions, including weight changes and correct posture with an emphasis on safe movement. She also includes variations and tips on styling.

Combinations include:

* Super Dancer with Spice
* Funky Figure Eights
* Stomach Pops
* Quick Change
* Funky Hip Twist
* Sassy Hips
* 3/4 Camel Combination
* And Much More!

The video concludes with a spectacular performance by Ava!

Running Time: 115 minutes


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Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best How to Belly Dance Videos in the World!

Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Michelle Boivin:  This is such a useful and practical DVD to help a student learn how to pull all their dance moves together into one flowing dance. Ava is an amazingly talented dancer. While she presents classic Egyptian style moves in this video, I recommend you check out her sword dance on the "Tribal Evolution" video. She's incredibly versatile in her styles!

5 of 5 Stars!
Dolisha:  I just started choreographering my own dances, and the most challenging part of choreographering, for me, is thinking of different variations of travelling steps. This video has so many beautiful variations of travelling steps that will really help spice up my future dances. Ava Fleming is such a graceful dancer, and light on her feet. You will love her! Thanks IAMED!

5 of 5 Stars!
Brandy:  This is one of the most useful instructional dvd's IAMED has ever produced. The instruction was clear, well broken down, and the video itself was well produced. This is the one that will take you from "moves" to "dancer". Why? You will travel logically and smoothly. Ava also offers lots of variations. Whether you have a library or a scant few instructional videos, this is THE ONE TO GET because too many of us know how to DO moves, but we don't know HOW to move through space nor HOW to go from one move to the next. Although I'd like to think of this as a secret weapon, I hope this video will take you from the classroom and onto the stage or restaurant. Excellent job, Ava and IAMED!

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