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Drum Solo DVD with Ava Fleming - Technique & Choreography

Ava Fleming is recognized around the world as a truly exciting and dynamic Belly Dancer. In this how to belly dance DVD, she teaches you a unique and dramatic drum solo sure to please any audience!

Ava starts with some essential foundational technique, including level changes and several layered shimmies.

The choreography is broken into multiple combinations, which not only makes learning fun and fast, but also gives you tools to make up your own drum solo. Each section includes a follow-along with the music, then you put it all together at the end. You will also learn some advanced moves to add to the choreography when you’re ready.

The program concludes with a full costumed performance of the choreography, PLUS an improvised performance incorporating some of the technique and combinations taught in this video!

Running time 96 minutes.


Belly Dance Video - DVD format.  All region DVD - Plays everywhere in the world. 

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Reba Colter:  I just received this DVD and did my first run through. I really like this drum solo; its quite different from the Jillina drum solo and the Sadie drum solo which I already have and learned. The drum solo is broken up into combos which makes it easier to learn. She also does 2 performances at the end, the last of which she adds some variations. I give this an A+ and a good addition to my DVD library. I'll be running through it again and again soon until I get it mastered.

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