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Fahtiem - Beautiful Hands and Arms DVD

"There is no magic step that makes you a great dancer, there is only the magic you put in each and every step."

On this belly dance video Fahtiem shares how to put magic into your hands and arms to make your dancing more expressive and graceful.

Fahtiem leads you through a warm-up to prepare for Beautiful Hands and Arms: from your rib cage to your shoulders and down your arms to the tips of your fingers. Then Fahtiem explains and demonstrates basic arm positions and hand and finger placements, including how to maintain correct posture, safe movement, and the difference between Oriental and Folk hand and finger placement.

Fahtiem will show you how to move your arms through space in Air Design to experience and connect the full range of motion of your arms. She'll teach you how to think about what you want your Beautiful Hands and Arms to look like, and how to use resistance and fluidity to achieve different feelings.

You'll also learn Beautiful Hand and Arm combinations and movements, including:
* Diamond Ring
* Painting the Floor
* Reaching for the Stars
* Candle Arms
* ... and more!

Plus a performance by Fahtiem with Beautiful Hands and Arms!


Total running time: 81 minutes

Learn beautiful belly dance hands and arms on this lesson.

All Region DVD / Video

"Fahtiem is one of the best belly dance teachers around.  I feel very fortunate to take lessons from her every week.  Her classes are always full and that tells you a lot about how popular she is.  You will love this video!"  -  Sandy Neman 

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Cydni Perkins:  This was a really good instructional video, and it taught me a number of fun things to do with my arms. I learned a lot. I appreciated that she had kind of a warm-up and stretch. I was interested in what she had to share and I was pleased with the results. I guess the only thing I didn't like was that at the end of each segment, she takes a step back and says, "Have fun with it!" Well, I am. After three or four repetitions, I started thinking, "Don't tell me what to do." After another few repetitions I was all like, "You're not the boss of me." OK, so I didn't become violently angry, but I did only watch the DVD once. I want to watch it again, but I know she'll tell to have fin a million times, and it will annoy me.

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